ConCalls: Working Closely With Election Fraud #cdnpoli

Two more Conservative MPs need to be removed from the House for election overspending. That’s what Elections Canada has said, but the Speaker of the House disagrees.

In an application filed May 24, Glover seeks an order forcing Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand to accept a revised campaign financial return she filed and declaring her compliant with the elections law – an order that would keep her in the House of Commons.

She says Mayrand has misinterpreted how payments for salaries to campaign workers were apportioned and how the costs of campaign signs “inherited” from a previous election should be accounted for in the return.

Glover’s campaign ended up just $660 below its legal spending limit, so even a small difference in accounting could have put it over the cap and in breach of the law. A similar problem with his campaign in Labrador lead to the resignation of former Conservative intergovernmental affairs minister Peter Penashue earlier this year.

Bezan’s campaign finished $17,000 under its legal limit but also included $28,000 in spending that it said was not subject to the limit.

You may recall that Peter Penashue, former Conservative Minister, was forced to resign, then crazily ran in a by-election after the Conservative Party paid off his illegal campaign debt, then was soundly defeated at the polls.


BMO isn’t too pleased with one Conservative MP wrapped up in a large mortgage fraud lawsuit.


Nigel Wright’s day in the sun may not end anytime soon. Why did he pay Duffy? It’s going to be a major question in Canadian political history if it’s not answered satisfactorily.


One response to “ConCalls: Working Closely With Election Fraud #cdnpoli

  1. The folks at have a great plan to bring accountability and awareness to the robocall scandal. They want to inundate everyone who has the ability to do something about the robocall scandal, but isn’t, with robocalls. They plan to continue relentlessly until each one of these people come forward and publicly speak about what they are doing about it.

    Please help them, I am. Watch this video, donate if you can, and please share it widely. They can’t do it without you.

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