Bike Derangement Syndrome at Wall Street Journal

If you’re suffering from low blood pressure, I have the treatment:
WSJ hack interviews an editorial board nutcase Dorothy who says among other things:
“Look, I represent the majority of citizens.”

She’s “appalled” that bike sharing has happened in NYC.

“Best neighbourhoods are begrimed by these blazing blue CitiBank bikes.”

“It is shocking to walk around the city, to see how much of this they have sneaked under the radar, in the interest of the environment.”

“The most important danger in the city is not the yellow cabs, it is the bicyclists…”, opined Dorothy.
Nicole Gelinas wrote that for 4 years, said the WSJ hack, “no pedestrians have died underneath a bike in New York, but 597 have been hit [sic; “killed” said Gelinas] by cars and trucks.”

“The bike lobby is an all powerful enterprise,” without a hint of satire.

“New York is not London, or Paris,” says the interviewer hack. “Or Amsterdam!” pipes up Dorothy. Well actually…

bike distance

I hope I don’t ever get as crazy as poor Dorothy when I turn a million years old and become an orange dinosaur too.

Bikes, along with closing Times Square to cars, have “ungridlocked” New York. Dorothy sees bikes everywhere as the sign of a “totalitarian” regime. It’s unfortunate that she’s an editor of one of America’s largest newspapers, but helps explain why America has to struggle to pull itself out of the 20th century.

Hat tip to Sean Shaw


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