Nothin’ To See Here #cdnpoli

John Gormley attempts to sing a lullaby; Mixes up the words.

[L]eave us alone to reconnect with life and keep the warmth coming. And get back to us when you’ve fired some Senators and Toronto is done.
advice is neatly summarized in Seven Things You Need to Stop Doing Every Day.

The don’ts include worrying about the wrong people instead of focusing on those in our lives who truly matter, and directing our attention and worry to the future instead of staying in the present and cherishing the time we have now.
The lines I hear back now include: “water off a duck’s back,” “this too shall pass” and “is this a hill to die on?”
Who can go wrong with [quotes], “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” or “Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it.”

PostMedia attempts to sing along; Forgets the words.

The Conservative party is home to many decent folk, and good, hardworking MPs. But as an institution, with Harper at its head, it has obstructed, deceived, attacked, maligned and bullied, in ways and instances too numerous to mention here.

Jennifer Smith found one good, hard working Con MP, Chong, out of about 160 possible contenders. That could be a statistical error, but it’s good there is at least one. Doesn’t save Den Tandt’s point, as one doesn’t even make a pair let alone be “many”.

It seems Gormley is slightly concerned that Canadians are focusing a lot on political scandals involving Conservatives. Did he suggest we all take a chill pill during Adscam, and get outside and enjoy the Summer? Meanwhile, Den Tandt seems to want to qualify his comments about the Conservatives being deceptive bullies, by claiming many are actually good. He doesn’t name names because he’s covering his bases. As Gormley suggests, Den Tandt and the media will go on Summer vacation. The rest of us good, hard working Canadians will too, while we assume the people in charge of repairing government corruption will have things cleaned up by the time Fall rolls around. Wait, who are the people in a country responsible for repairing government corruption? Ask an Egyptian.

Gormley is right about it being possible to stress too much and too long about a subject, and a fresh look being useful. He’s also right about history repeating itself if you don’t know it. Unplugging is a good way to remain ignorant of history as it’s being created in the present.


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