Women In Short Pants Run Around, Bullying MPs

It’s always good to hear Elizabeth May speak in the House. Today was no disappointment, as she took the Prime Minster’s Office to task for being a totally unaccountable creation of the unwritten constitution, where $10,000,000 goes each year to die.

May: The guys in short pants who run around bullying MPs, muzzling scientists and harassing civil servants report to one boss. Is it not time to have accountability out of the PMO?

Pierre Poilievre: Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister does take responsibility for leading this country and the results speak for themselves.

Strangely enough, the results Poilievre listed didn’t include Senate expense refunds to Senators who’ve made illicit expense claims.

More hilariously, John Baird stood up and tried to be offended at May’s use of “guys in short pants”. He accused her of sexism. She readily agreed that her comment was a bit of levity, in common use by House backbencher MPs, and accepted that there are also “young, talented women”, as Baird described the female PMO staff, who run around bullying MPs, harass scientists and muzzle civil servants.

Mr Speaker: Glad we sorted that out.

Baird ran into a problem found when only part of a multi-part accusation is responded to with an incomplete form response. It can be suggested by the accuser that the part not refuted is true. That’s how I came to learn that Joe Oliver is the Minister of Threatening Canadians.

*Decided to change the mocking title, having first thought it was “boys in short pants” because Baird twisted “guys” into “young boys”, but it was “guys” May said.

UPDATE: Rathgerber is hitting the news. He echoes Elizabeth May. That’s gotta stick in the craw of May-hating Conservatives like a dry pill.

The Committee hearings (as all are) were a charade. The decisions on amendments were made by unelected staffers weeks before the Committee hearings even commenced. Compliant MPs just do what they are told by PMO staffers. That the PMO operates so opaquely and routinely without supervision is an affront to the constitutional requirements of responsible government and is also the genesis of the current Duffy/Wright debacle.


7 responses to “Women In Short Pants Run Around, Bullying MPs

  1. Ha great stuff
    May must have been channeling Dennis Skinner the left wing MP in Westminister.

    Dennis Skinner:Half the members opposite are liars!
    Speaker:You must apologise.
    Skinner:I apologise. Half the members opposite aren’t liars!

  2. What bothers me is that they all seem to be having such fun! It’s like a game to them, but not to the rest of us who have no choice but to live with the consequences of their buffoonery. And in Toronto we have multiple layers of these jokers!

  3. Given mister Baird’s fondness for young boys, perhaps he should be forgiven his misapprehension if Ms. Mays’ wording.

    She did say ‘guys’ didn’t she, or does she have an aussie accent?

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