Harper Did The Dion Duffy Do-Over

Mike Duffy once mocked Stephane Dion for asking for restarts to questions for a TV interview. Journalists typically grant these requests, as was explained at the time by less biased journalists. Future Conservative Senator Duffy, mocked Dion on his program.

The Duffy laughing part is loud and annoying, but otherwise it’s a funny video with lots of irony built in.

This blog post isn’t intended to make fun of the Prime Minister for needing to restart after getting tongue tied (that’s only human), it’s to point out the hypocrisy displayed by Duffy (and the scripted, fake nature of Stephen Harper being exposed doesn’t hurt either).

“[Duffy] was not fair, balanced or even-handed,” the panel said, also agreeing the rebroadcasts of the restarts were in breach of industry code.

Was Duffy’s lack of ethics the reason he was put into the Senate by Harper? If so, is it really any surprise that Duffy’s lack of ethics will get him removed also?


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