All Eggheads In One Laundry Basket #skpoli

The Sask Party is putting all of the province’s health related laundry into one laundry basket, in Regina. If you don’t know Saskatchewan geography, this borders on insanity. We’re going to be trucking bed sheets 1000km round trip in some cases. Besides costing jobs for the existing employees, a single laundry plant failure in the future will impact every hospital in the province. “A structural failure in 2011 at the Saskatoon laundry plant caused its closure.”

Maybe it would surprise the Sask. government that there are hospitals outside of Regina and Saskatoon, yet still in Sask.?

If there’s a serious problem with how clean the current system is making the laundry, then we should fix it. I’m skeptical it would cost more than $93M over ten years to do that across the province.

“For example, over 300 employees around the province will be losing their jobs due to Brad Wall’s centralization AND privatization of all hospital laundry services.”

300 people at (estimated) $35000/year salary = $10.5M
so over 10 years that’s $105M.
Are we sure the supposed savings the government is claiming isn’t just the wages for the people they are putting out of work in their home communities outside of Regina? No wonder the City of Regina is now anticipating a doubling of population, they expect the government’s policies to compel everyone to move into Regina.

Medical ‘waste’ is a noun, not a verb in most cases. The Sask Party doesn’t get that, perhaps.

Hat tip to Leftdog


Three weeks before the tendering process even closed, the Alberta-based company contracted to run the Saskatchewan health care system’s linen service proposed to a local union a collective bargaining agreement that featured significantly lower wages and no benefits, the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) is claiming.

In what appears to be a proposed 10-year agreement between K-Bro Linen Systems Inc. and UNITE HERE Local 41, obtained by the SFL and released to media on Thursday, entry-level wages were to start at $10.75 an hour – nearly $5 less than new laundry workers make now. The document is dated Aug. 2, 2012, while the competition period ended Aug. 29.

“What they’ve attempted to do is to circumvent the collective bargaining process and to rob Saskatchewan people of their right to participate in the economic democracy by choosing their own unions,” Larry Hubich, president of the SFL, said at a press conference held in Regina on Thursday afternoon. “The company, before they were even granted the contract from the … provincial government, was attempting to find a union to sign a contract without any members, without any employees.”

Asked to verify the document’s authenticity, Chris Burrows, K-Bro’s chief financial officer, said he could not comment on “confidential meetings that may or may not have occurred.” He added that the company takes exception to Hubich’s claims.

“We will never in a million years foist union terms and conditions on any employees without their participation and ratification of an agreement,” Burrows explained Thursday during a telephone interview.

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