ConCalls: “The Liberals Did It First”(TM) #RoboCon #cdnpoli

The Conservative trolls will have to get new talking points so they don’t look hopelessly dated. Multiple Conservative parties, the NDP, and another Liberal MP were all fined thousands of dollars for broadcasting robocalls in a deceptive manner where the true identity of the caller was not revealed.

Just the other day I had to mock a flying monkey that was using this year old canard:
“No mention in the article that the only confirmed case of robocalls involved the Liberals.”
That hapless chap was stuck on the Liberal MP for Guelph sending a robocall that got confused with the Pierre Poutine robocalls pretending to be from Elections Canada. The Guelph Liberals were calling people to say the CPC candidate had a distasteful stance on abortion, but didn’t use their real name, naughty, naughty.

The CRTC got a little more strict after that point. Prior to that case, were the Irwin Cotler slander calls by Nick’s Campaign Research, which the Speaker called “reprehensible”. I don’t think the CRTC gave a fine for those push poll calls.

Bottom line: “The Liberals Did It First”(TM) is a Conservative dismissal that has jumped the robo-shark. If you see a Conservative using this line, send them the link to this blog.

I’ll point out every so smugly (and with acceptance that this may one day change) that the only national party not involved in a robocall scandal, is the Greens.

Marc paid a $2500 fine for listing his name at the end, with no address.


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