ConCalls: Defending Election Fraud #RoboCon

With the Federal Court recently confirming in law that the Conservatives’ access controlled CIMS database was utilized by conspirators to commit election fraud, there are still some Conservative bloggers willing to put their reputations on the line in defense of not only the Conservative Party of Canada, but of the election fraudsters the CPC’s database supported.

The judge in Federal Court had limited evidence on hand to gauge the sheer volume of fake calls made to Canadians in most of the country. Had all phone records been obtained from the phone companies utilized by robocall companies to make the fraudulent calls the Court found existed, he’d have had the means to reason that many more were made than were reported by citizens to the Court. The phone logs would not lie, and it’s not technically difficult to count the calls from the same phone number as the one(s) that phoned the people the Court ruled had been called by criminals with misleading information about polling locations. This would give a true count of the fraudsters’ impact, and allow the Court to have made a more accurate impact assessment.

Election fraud is justified if:

-The victim should know better!
“I would question anyone who actually listened to, and believed what they heard about moving polling places. If they did, they are complete idiots and shouldn’t have the right to vote in the first place.
Posted by: Rick”

-The media doesn’t like government corruption:
“McGregor is also one of the rats behind the attacks on Duffy [for Duffy’s fraudulent housing expenses] […], I think McGegor is totally lacking in professional ethics[…].
Posted by: LindaL”

-Exposure of a national crime against Canada’s democracy is an opposition tactic to elect Justin Trudeau:
“a faux scandal[…]

This Alinsky-style guerilla tactic has kept the CPC on the defensive for over a year,which I believe was the object of the exercise in the first place.

The Left believes that if they keep battering away at the public with scandals real and imagined,eventually the voters will be swayed away from the corruption and fascism of the Conservatives,and into the loving arms of Saint Justin, who won a boxing match,and has nice hair and teeth.

It might work.
Posted by: don morris”

-The words of the Conservative Party can be presented as if the Court wrote them:
“The Conservatives issued a statement […]. The statement also blasted the advocacy group that bankrolled the challenge.

“The Council of Canadians court challenge was a transparent attempt to overturn certified election results simply because this activist group didn’t like them,” the statement said.”

So Jethro wrote:
“Key sentence is this one [about the CoC].

People with any sense of propriety or shame would be devastated by such a rebuke, however it won’t phase this group one bit.”

[I dunno Jethro, but I really don’t think a rebuke from the party of election fraud, is going to phase the Council of Canadians, or other democracy supporting Canadians.]

-The “Liberals did it First”(TM):
“No mention in the article that the only confirmed case of robocalls involved the Liberals. […]
Posted by: Aviator”

How’s that obsolete lie working out for you, Aviator? The Federal Court ruling confirms there were pro-CPC, illegal, robocalls made, it just doesn’t name who it thinks used the Conservative-only database. Did you also forget about the “reprehensible” fraudulent robo-directed calls into Irwin Cotler’s riding by Conservatives?

Maybe you also forgot about the RackNine connected “Chase Research” robocalls since in Saskatchewan.

-It justifies the posting of a belittling video to attack a journalist who did a thorough job exposing a national crime.

Robocalls: Defending Fraud, since before 2011
by Kate”

ADDED: Oldies defending election fraud.


4 responses to “ConCalls: Defending Election Fraud #RoboCon

  1. So KKKate is still fostering a brood of shit-heads is she? These people are complete scum. It’s not entirely their fault. They’re also dismally stupid and can’t grasp the enormity of how repulsive they are.

    • I don’t subscribe to that nickname for her, but I do think it’s not good that she has a loyal following and uses her winged monkeys for evil instead of for good.



    Only the Star would disagree that this was anything but “Court sides with Conservatives,”. Robo Calls can be attributed to all parties and they must all share the guilt. Any voter that could be influenced by a ‘robocall’ (from any source) does not deserve a vote. He/she obviously is ill informed and less than qualified to vote in regards to the governance of Canada or any of its provinces.”

    If you’re a victim of fraud, you don’t deserve a vote! It’s the new Conservative way!

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