Mars As Inspiration

Here’s an excellent space exploration mission: Orbit Mars, and return two humans safely in under 2 years. It can be done. Us humans could have several missions launching in 2018, but we just have to decide to do it. Besides the Mars One mission, this is how we expand pride in human growth. Let’s do it!


2 responses to “Mars As Inspiration

  1. I am of two minds. If we want humanity to survive, it would be wise to spread out a little, as all our eggs are in one basket so to speak, that basket called Earth. But the utility of a manned mission, that simply goes out and comes right back is pretty limited. For the cost of that one manned mission, we could map the asteroids, visit most of the larger moons in our Solar System, and conduct a whole lot of unmanned exploratory flights. I know that manned flights are really really important from a general interest, and motivational perspective,No question I will be on th eedge of my seat with excitement if it actually happened. but I think that we could do better if we had a more concrete objective in mind for manned flights, and those more concrete objectives are a likely outcome from more intensive un-manned exploration. My thoughts anyway.

    • We need to continue to advance manned spaceflight, and that means doing it at least once a decade, and stretching beyond LEO habitation. It’s dangerous, but we’ll learn so much by doing it.

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