ConCalls: Fraud, but No Punishment #RoboCon #cdnpoli UPDATED

The Federal Court found there was fraud in the 2011 federal election (duh), but decided the irregularities were not enough to justify calling byelections to let a fair election play out in each of the six challenged ridings.


Updates likely…

The court by ruling there was a “concerted campaign” to defraud voters, has decided the Members of Parliament for those cheated out of a fair election. Votes have been denied to some Canadians twice now, first when they were tricked by malicious fraudsters backing the Conservative Party of Canada, and now again by the Federal Court for its refusal to uphold the intention of the law which is to make election fraud pointless because the benefactors of crime will not win.

Federal Court Judge Richard Mosley ruled that the calls “struck at the integrity of the electoral process by attempting to dissuade voters from casting ballots for their preferred candidates. This form of ‘voter suppression,’ was, until the 41st General Election, largely unknown in this country.”

The evidence points to “a concerted campaign by persons who had access to a database of voter information maintained by a political party,” Mosley writes[…]

The cheaters won in 2011. They are still winning. This is an outrage! The Federal Court is corrupted somehow! This continues the outrage of the Supreme Court decision regarding Etobicoke Centre.

“I am satisfied, however, that the most likely source of the information used to make the misleading calls was the CIMS database maintained and controlled by the CPC, accessed for that purpose by a person or persons currently unknown to this court.”

Mosely blamed CIMS, but said there was not enough evidence to finger RMG, RackNine, or even the CIMS owning CPC! The impotent Elections Canada investigation drags on behind closed doors for years, so we may never know what stones they left unturned. The guilty are getting away from the Federal Court. The DPP has charged only 1 person, not mentioned in this Federal Court ruling so far as I can tell.


2 responses to “ConCalls: Fraud, but No Punishment #RoboCon #cdnpoli UPDATED

  1. As I understand it, the useless fucks at Elections Canada have concluded that only Michael Sona’s name should be sent to the DPP. Their cover-up is complete and there’s no more covering-up to do.

    At least that’s the impression I got from their cryptic email. They don’t like to actually talk to their employers.

  2. If EC is really on the case they will use the Sona case to try to get testimony and evidence they weren’t able to before. But I don’t have much faith.

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