PM Puts Up Hand “Cheque Please!”

Harper hurried out of the country, and who could blame him? He had angry professional journalists on his tail, asking him questions that have no other true answer than to admit that a crime took place in the Prime Minister’s Office. His old friend Nigel Wright was under the CPC Bus, and Stephen Harper remained at the wheel, driving it over Mike “Loose Lips” Duffy at the same time Wright was hanging onto the front bumper before resigning himself to be chewed under the heavy Harper wheels of staffer sacrifice.

The non-existent Office of Public Prosecutions was busy not at work, not charging Wright with bribing Duffy with $90000 so as to get out of trouble that an audit bearing down on him was about to unleash in greater waves.

A Conservative government would institute an independent office of public prosecutions responsible for investigating criminal activity on Parliament Hill, party Leader Stephen Harper said Wednesday. [Nov. 30, 2005]

“I invite you to look forward to … a bold future where people are held responsible for their actions,” Harper said on the second day of campaigning for the Jan. 23 federal election.

Under current rules, Harper said, politicians have had too much say in how those involved are dealt with and how much money should be repaid.

“Conservatives believe as a basic principle that politicians should not be accountable to other politicians, that government should not be accountable to itself,” he said.

“A new Conservative government will ensure that decisions about criminal prosecution are independent of politicians and independent of politics.”

Government should not be accountable to itself? Hell, he’s done a bang-up job implementing that promise, because not only is this government not accountable to itself, it also escapes scrutiny of the RCMP, Elections Canada, the Head of State, and the professional snoozing media who still dismissively sounds like this:

Um, I’m not sure “comments” can settle a gross ethical and legal violation of Senate rules, unless they were, “I accept responsibility, and I resign in the hope that the Crown prosecutor goes easy on me.”

Hat tip to Nathan who liked this part best from 2005:

‘I invite you to look forward to … a bold future where people are held responsible for their actions.’ – Stephen Harper [2005]


2 responses to “PM Puts Up Hand “Cheque Please!”

  1. Does anyone know, just how much of Canada has been given to Communist China? Harper’s Omnibull-S-Bill gives Red China permission to sue Canada, if anyone tries to block China’s takeover of Canada. The courts just gave Red China, the BC mining jobs. There are nine mines and mine expansions going into Northern BC. Chinese miners earn, $800 per month. Canadian miners can’t have the mining jobs unless, they can speak Chinese Mandarin.

    Harper did the same in the tar sands. China refused to pay Canadian wages. Harper permitted Communist China, to bring over their own cheap skilled labor. Harper has given all company’s permission to hire, cheap foreign labor.

    Harper’s FIPA deal with Communist China, gives Canada to Red China, for 31 years. China will take the timber and mines, on Vancouver Island. Harper is also bringing Communist China, into the High Arctic. Harper of course, has already given Nexen to Red China.

    I signed the petition, against Harper’s FIPA deal with Communist China.

    Harper is evil beyond belief. Harper is a traitor doing acts of treason, for giving our country, to such a hateful country as China.

  2. I hope that, at the very least, Duffy goes to prison for fraud. Because he stole money, tens of thousands of dollars, from the taxpayer.

    And, if Wright really did try to bribe Duffy into silence, then Mr. Money-Bags should go to prison on behalf of stephen harper too.

    But if powerful Mr. Wright wants to cut a deal and rat-out helmet-head harper, that would be okay.

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