DuffyGate Continues #cdnpoli

This whole Mike Duffy scandal isn’t new, but it is big news now, because further details came to light last week. We learned that Duffy was basically bribed by the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office, so an audit wouldn’t continue or look so bad for the Duffster Fraduster senator.

Will the Conservatives survive the month intact? Sixth Estate assumes so, but I’m hoping this straw might finally break a little “Nasty Party” back. The Liberals eventually came down after people assumed they were so corrupt due to Adscam that anything would be better. Well, the Conservatives were anything back then, but now they are the party with the corrupt Senators stealing money from taxpayers because they fudge where they are living on government documents to get cushy, powerful jobs, and hundreds of thousands in expensed perks.

Andrew Coyne is hopping mad. He hasn’t exactly been conditioning the public over the years to accept the truth about the Harper regime, but he’s not always beaten the drum for them either.

Since the scandal surfaced, pundits have been full of advice to the prime minister on how he should “handle” it — as if it were something that had happened to him, and not by him, or at any rate of him. Much of what they recommend would be welcome, if adopted: the prime minister should make a clean breast of it, call an independent inquiry, be more open and transparent, in all transform his government’s approach to politics.

But if there were any likelihood of that, we would not be here. People who have made the kinds of compromises, moral and otherwise, that this government has made over the years; who have learned to justify to themselves the kinds of behaviour that are this government’s signature; whose first instinct in this, as in previous episodes, is not to clap their hands to their faces crying “my God, what have we become?” but to think of every possible way to spin and dissemble their way out of it; who have grown so spectacularly deluded as to publicly suggest, in the words of Calgary Centre MP Joan Crockatt, that the current wave of resignations shows how high their ethical standards are — such people are not capable of altering course in the way suggested. That is not who they are.

So no, Wright’s resignation is not the beginning of the government’s moral reclamation. It is simply the next act in the tragedy.

[Lousy National Post is bothering people who try to copy and paste from their website now. If they start making it difficult to share their contribution to the news, the Internet will route around their damage.]

Ivison I’ve been less impressed with over time. He’s now saying some of what needs to be said too.

Mr. Harper did restate the need to “uphold a culture of accountability” and his strongest card is that no-one could ever conceive of him cheating the system for his own gain. “Whoever wishes to use public office for their own benefit should change their plan or leave this room,” he told caucus.

But those are hollow words coming from a leader who is in danger of looking like the driver of the getaway car.

BONUS snark:

Ennnnd scene!



5 responses to “DuffyGate Continues #cdnpoli

  1. Do us a favour and stop calling it Duffygate. The scandal isn’t with Duffy’s expense claims, it’s with the corruption emanating from the PMO , Harper and Harper’s closest aides, his chief of staff and his special counsel. They bribed Duffy. They engineered the backdoor, unethical and probably illegal scheme. They induced Duffy to refuse to cooperate with the auditors. They twisted arms to launder the Senate audit reports on Duffy.

    In the scheme of things, Duffy is small change. But it’s Harper that revels in it when people call this Duffygate. That’s precisely what he wants – to return the focus onto Duffy and distract people from asking too much about Harper & Company.

    • Sure, I can call it something else. I was mostly using it just once for the Google benefit. The big focus should be on the PMO corruption, I agree. They bribed a Senator who blabbed.

  2. Over the top hyperbole, rabid accusation and enough strawmen to give Dorothy an army.I love crazies like you…so fun to read!

    Seriously though, does the whole eco-hippy-conspiracy-guy thing get you laid by the rad-fems or do they just think you’re a beta?

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