Cycling In Regina Isn’t Always Easy

What’s it like for a Regina cyclist to go see a movie?

Besides homicidal/comical drivers (from Alberta),

there are flooded Multi Use Pathways,
Biking from the SW to the NE poses a few problems

and underpasses that are creeks.
Biking from the SW to the NE poses a few problems

Persist past those hazards, and there are gravelly “Shared” bike lanes with parked cars ready to give you the “door-prize”.
Biking from the SW to the NE poses a few problems

Can you see drivers being as patient and persistent as Regina’s cyclists? Despite the flooded dead-ends without detour signs, I made the 11km bike ride from the south west, to the north east in under an hour, so I could catch the latest “Star Trek Into Darkness” [10/10]. I’d highly recommend trying it. The film was great fun too. *rim shot*


6 responses to “Cycling In Regina Isn’t Always Easy

    Here’s a scene from the movie that bothered me. It makes for an exciting twist, but it doesn’t even fit with Star Trek gravity plate physics. There are forces at work that should not be doing what they do to the people inside the ship, and as a result it left me confused about what was happening because I have a better understanding of gravity in space and on the Enterprise than the writers assumed their viewing audience possess.

  2. I share most of these frustrations on a daily basis, in fact the reason i’m here is because i was run off the road on my commute to work today by a frustrated black quarter-ton truck and searched google to see if there were others like me.

    You should have taken a pic of the ‘shared’ lane on the north half of McCarthy, where it is entirely gravel about 2-3 inches deep (super fun on my road bike, i just love it).

    What are some solutions you have found to getting around the city?


    • Call Service Regina and report the gravel on the street, and they may escalate the cleaning of it finally. Please join Bike Regina, and there are others like us working to improve education and infrastructure (while having fun doing it).

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