Wright Quits, Wallin & Duffy Half-Quit, May Lashes the PM #cdnpoli

What dirt does Duffy have on the Prime Minister, that would have had him order his Chief of Staff to cut Mike Duffy a cheque for more than $90,000?

It’s not this video with Duffy and climate change denier Greene-Raine fluffing the Olympics for partisan gain.

Is it this one that has a clue in it? Did the Prime Minister promise a journalist (Duffy) a Senate seat if he helped throw the election? Remember the unconventional airing of the do-overs that Dion did? That was Duffy that determined that damaging display of dialogue.

One question put to me yesterday, was of legitimacy Wallin, Braz Man, and Duffy have for remaining in the Senate at all, after the Prime Minister who put them there has caused or accepted their removal from the Conservative caucus. I would suggest that a Prime Minister who appoints, then fires partisans, to the Senate, calls into question their own legitimacy to govern. As it stands, we’re entering unheard of territory, and so far as I know, there’s nothing written in our Constitution about what to do. We’re writing that unwritten bit of our Constitution now by what we let this rogue Prime Minister get away with.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May said Sunday that, regardless of Wright’s resignation, important questions are still outstanding about why he would have offered his own money to save a floundering Duffy.

“Why would Nigel Wright do something that was so obviously wrong? Intuitively, it would make sense to ask ‘Did the prime minister ask him to do it?’ as opposed to ‘Did the prime minister know he did it?’”

May said she would pursue the issue in the House of Commons and said, while the prime minister is unlikely to call a proper enquiry into the scandal, that’s exactly what Canadians would want.

“The numbers of questions just around the cheque — why didn’t Duffy report such a large gift to the Senate when gifts over $5,000 must be disclosed? Why did Wright write the cheque in the first place, when it seems to clearly violate the Senate’s code of ethics? Does Duffy have anything he can hold over the prime minister? — will continue to stream in,” said May, and should be asked by the ethics commissioner, the Senate, and possibly the RCMP.

“I don’t think Mike Duffy removing himself from the Conservative caucus nor Nigel Wright resigning as Chief of Staff are going to be enough to make these questions go away.”

What happens to you when you surround yourself only with the rich, powerful, and Ottawa Conservatives?

You lose touch with honourable, average people. What kind of honourable, average person do you know who would give a Senator $90000 so the Senator would get out of trouble during an audit? The Prime Minister had to have known it was going on. He probably ordered it. He’s unfit to lead the Conservatives, and unfit to govern Canada.


What could be the next Conservative ethical scandal?
CRTC commish moves to Sun News. Ethics people sign off on this BS?


10 responses to “Wright Quits, Wallin & Duffy Half-Quit, May Lashes the PM #cdnpoli

  1. Lol, I saw that video exchange between May and Duffy, he got his arse reamed! A couple of years later, she was scheduled to appear on Duffy live just as the CTV was vetoing Elizabeth Mays participation in the televised debates. (The members of the broadcast consortium have all been in favour every general election, it was the CTV that vetoed it year after year, courtesy of Peter Kent). It was sleazy journalism at its worst, in essence, CTV planned to sandbag her with the news on a live microphone on national TV, and that was the only reason they invited her on air at that time slot, was because they knew they were going to veto it, and could have their ‘gotcha!’ live. One of many small favours that can earn a journalist a Senate seat I guess.

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