Eatin’ Bugs

Insects will be a staple food on Mars and other space colonies.

Paul Pardee :

Lets have the delegates to the UN have a bug banquet to show their support of entomophagy. I know that support from political leaders would help. I’m sure having the Obamas munching on some meal worms while Prince Charles and Camilla have a feast of crickets will really push people towards eating insects instead of food.

Mark Caris :

@Paul Pardee Yes, eating bugs is disgusting. Not wholesome like hormone fed, fecal-spattered beef, covered with a processed pus-filled milk (BGH induced) product, in a bun of pesticide-contaminated GMO wheat. yum.

Of course, a pigs’ rectal lining filled with unsaleable, nitrate treated offal sounds good now, too…

Two billion people can’t be wrong.

I haven’t tried it yet, I’m waiting for a trustworthy supplier/chef to enter my life first. That, or critical hunger.


2 responses to “Eatin’ Bugs

  1. Cool. I’ve made garlic-butter fried grasshoppers before, younger kids like them if they haven’t been told by someone that they’re not supposed to.

  2. I just bought 2L of strawberry sugar water for 99 cents & it’s coloured with crushed bugs. btw I have to spend $1 for in-store points, so 99 cents doesn’t count, but I still have to pay $1 because there are no more pennies!

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