$90000 Favour To Senator Duffy Not a Bribe? #cdnpoli

“S.17 Senate Conflict Code: “a Senator [shall not] accept… any gift or other benefit… that relate[s] to the Senator’s position”. Oops. Duffy took a $90,000 gift from a ‘friend’.

The Conservative Party of Canada paid more than $40000 to refund money illegally accepted by Peter Penashue’s Conservative campaign. Penashue was defeated in a byelection this week, and is a previously disgraced and resigned Conservative Minister.

I used to respect Mike Duffy, decades ago, when he worked at CTV. That respect took a sharp turn into scorn when he helped torpedo Dion. It took a further nose dive into negative territory when he accepted a Harper appointment to the Senate, and was caught cheating taxpayers for a housing allowance he was not entitled to, and a Senate seat he was not eligible for because his primary residence is in Kanata, not on PEI.

18 responses to “$90000 Favour To Senator Duffy Not a Bribe? #cdnpoli

  1. Duffy is not commenting on anything “On orders from the PMO” – someone in the PMO must have told him what to do etc..”. So we can take that as ‘influence” over his actions.

    Now we know that someone in the PMO paid him $90,000 as a “gift”.
    $$$ + instructions on how to act + acting as instructed = someone in the PMO just bribed a CDN Senator.

  2. Not a loan, a gift – so claims Nigel. Duffy not to cooperate with auditors. PMO orders him to stay silent. Duffy promised it would “go easy on him”. I don’t think even the Royal Conservative Mounted Police will be able to bury this scandal.

    Perhaps the best part is Bob Fife’s statement that this only became public because Duffy blabbered all the details around to his many friends in Ottawa. It sounds as though he sent “smoking gun” e-mails all over the place. Isn’t it fun to watch an arrogant, privileged, fat bastard set himself on fire?

  3. repost from xxxx – Mike Duffy is going to stiff us just like he stiffed the Las Vegas casinos years ago. He has a long history of never paying back money he owes. Ask the casinos who hold his markers.


    repost from bbsbs – As someone who formerly worked at a restaurant that Mr. Duffy spent many a night at, I certainly hope his over indulgence in alcoholic beverages wasn’t added to his “expenses”. It was always “when my cosmo is half empty better get started on another one” from Mr. Duffy. I would hate to hear that taxpayers are getting the bill for such behaviour.


  4. What happened to the Pam Wallin file? Where does she live? How much of her exorbitant travel expenses was for going to Conservative related functions?

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