ConCalls: No Robo #RoboCon #cdnpoli

Good news on the RoboCon front: A team of talented, non-political-party-aligned Canadians is working to notify masses of people of the piles of evidence detailing the largest election fraud scheme in Canadian history.

There are piles of evidence. I’ve collected some of the most important bits here for you to listen to, or look through.


“The Conservative Party can say absolutely definitively it has no role in any of this.”Stephen Harper, PM, in the House of Commons, 2012. Now it’s 2013, and Conservative campaign worker Michael Sona is charged with illegal robocalling.

Guelph was Ground Zero for the 2011 election fraud scandal, where Michael Sona ran official communications based on national campaign direction, and was pitched under the Conservative Campaign Bus (but he stood up and refused to lie down!) when Pierre Poutine was exposed by Postmedia.

“Agreed — we were told in media training at last Saturday’s Campaign Training session exactly that — ALL media must go through the “press secretary” — in our case, Michael [Sona],” Padanyi wrote [in Guelph to fellow Conservatives].

The email exchange also includes a note from Sona urging other campaign insiders to maintain a link with national headquarters.

“I am in National Caucus with the Minister until noon, so I would like until then to be able to see what the PM has to say to us in Cabinet before we submit this article,” Sona wrote.

“The Conservative Party can say absolutely definitively it has no role in any of this.”, said Stephen Harper, the liar.


4 responses to “ConCalls: No Robo #RoboCon #cdnpoli

  1. Ad campaign or not, the only agency in Canada that has the power to change the outcome of an election are the courts. Elections Canada, the Cdn Gov, the public do not have that power. It comes through the court. The Council of Canadians is already challenging the results in court, and the decision is expected any day. Certainly, public awareness is good, but again, just like the press at the beginning of this case, it isn’t Robocalls It Election Fraud. Just focusing on one fraudulent activity is like cleaning half the house of cockroaches. They’ll just find another place to hide.

    • I’d say the other part of the house that needs cleaning, is the general public. If they don’t have the information in their heads that the last election was rigged, and the rigging worked, then their future voting decisions won’t be reflective of that reality.

      • Except that the election BEFORE that was rigged. The In/Out money likely made a huge difference in many ridings. Since the outcome of the election did not change when this illegality was discovered, only a fine was issued. Money changed hands and the results stood. I would call that buying an election. In Etobicoke, the results stood, even though it was clear that there were many questionable votes counted. Those weren’t robocalls. That was election fraud. Reducing this issue to make-your-own-robocall is missing the point. Worse than that, it’s playing into the simplification that the lazy media makes, as if automated calls are the problem. I think its most important to SEPARATE the fraud with the action of the robocalls, not lump it in. People think that Elections Canada can overturn results. It cant. There is no particular motivation for Elections Canada to do anything to change the results even in the presense of wide-spread irregularities. Public education, sure. Continuing to reference robocalls as the issue, a huge disservice to the public.

  2. Harper’s strength has been his ability to sever Canadians’ attachment to their government. Every disengaged, disaffected voter is one who plays straight into Harper’s hand. Very few of them would have voted Conservative anyway.

    Here in British Columbia we’re now testing how acquiescent a voting public can be to persistent government corruption. Somehow, despite all the scandals over B.C. Ferries, B.C. Hydro, B.C. Rail, the HST, coastal fish farming, election manipulation and more, Christy Clark’s faux-Liberals have pulled up to within a few points of the NDP. If we reward corruption on a grand scale with re-election what do we stand to receive from our government in the years ahead but more of the same?

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