ConCalls: No Robo One #RoboCon

I found a very worthwhile campaign to fight misinformation and apathy with robocalls and art by non-political-partiers, and hope you’ll assist with its crowdfunding. If you can’t make a PayPal payment, they’ll take Interac email money also if you ask.

I’ll be talking more about this in the morning, along with a few quotes that help show the Prime Minister lied last year about Conservative Party involvement in RoboCon.


I was looking back at my early predictions for what the 2012 Robocalls scandal could wind up doing to Canadian politics. A set of scenarios for an early general election could still potentially play out. Instead of more than 70 by-elections, we’ll only get 6. It will hopefully happen soon, and hopefully be enough to tip the scales.

Some of his MPs could go rogue/independent,” and we haven’t even got to the point where they are doing that to protest the tarnishing of the Conservative Party brand with being closely associated with election fraud. Penashue is an albatross [around the Party’s neck], and the Council of Canadians case is due back any time. Could the ruling be delayed because of the Labrador by-election?


2 responses to “ConCalls: No Robo One #RoboCon

  1. Speaking as one sympathetic to your goals here, every time I read the mis-usage of the albatross metaphor, I keep thinking back to Mal Reynolds’ line from the movie Serenity: “The way I remember it, albatross was a ship’s good luck, ’til some idiot killed it.”

    Of course, if your goal is to paint Penashue as the idiot who killed the albatross…?

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