ConCalls: Gone Since December #RoboCon

The verdict for the Robocalls Federal Court challenge is still not in, after the judge started deliberating and writing back in December. No rush, I guess. Why hurry when we’ve coped for 2 years already with a probably illegitimate government? They are willing to run a confessed election criminal in Labrador, and promise him a cabinet seat again should voters be stupid enough to vote for Penashue again. Fool them one, shame on the Cons; Fool them twice, it’s from working closely with Elections Canada and a compliant, docile media.

I’m pretty pissed off that it’s nearing the middle of May, and the Cons haven’t lost their six ill-gotten seats being challenged. The sooner that happens, the sooner that corrupt party can start to tear itself apart as the people with still an ounce of shame and honour try to weasel out from under the crashing brand.


It’s not easy being a DRO or Poll Clerk, especially when a nefarious party will throw gobs of illegitimate voters your way to clog things up when you’re already having a hard time keeping up. Online voting isn’t the answer, because an abusive and controlling person will use the situation to their advantage by viewing a victim’s vote.


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