The Audit With a Twist #cdnpoli

$3.1 Billion is missing according to a damning audit of the Harper Government. Let’s see what political pundits recently have said about audit failure:

Federal government audit ‘severely critical’

The Star headline

“The independent audit […] speaks for itself, and we accept its conclusions and recommendations,” said Jan O’Driscoll, spokesperson for the Minister.
[The auditor] called the lack of records “inappropriate for any recipient of public funds.”

The Star

“I cannot in my lifetime recall such a devastating audit. […] A stunning indictment.”

Ian Lee of the Sprott School of Business

“It just seems to be difficult to do the basics, and then that raises red flags […] for the government,”

Chuck Strahl

John Ibbitson said that the audit will be a smoking gun for people who those who criticize the [government] system.
Rob Silver said that even if the audit was leaked to discredit [a politician] doesn’t mean that it’s not important, and that it reads like any other audit of a government bureaucracy gone wrong.

Embattled Senator Brazman has an opinion:

“Just because [an audit is published], it does not mean money is well spent,” said Sen. Patrick Brazeau, a controversial and outspoken critic […]. “Where does the money go? Is it being properly spent . . . and more importantly, is it going to [where there are] needs?” “Accountability is a two-way street.”

The perpetually petulant Levant even gets in on the audit pile-on action: “Audit nightmare: The RCMP, […] should be meeting with [those involved]”

“If the people involved had Italian names and were from the Montreal construction industry, or French-Canadian names from Montreal ad agencies, […] there would be resignations and criminal charges flying.”

Wait a moment, there’s a twist. The above quotes are all real, but they seem so unlikely, don’t they? Well, that’s because they are not talking about the Conservatives’ most recent audit failure, they are talking about another recent audit of which they were more critical, over much less unaccounted-for public money. They said these things about much less than 3% of the unaccounted-for $3,100,000,000 Harper has frittered away without proper documentation.

Ottawapiskat lives on. The Levant quote is from the Toronto Sun. (www. /2013/01/07/audit-nightmare-the-rcmp-not-harper-should-be-meeting-with-chief-spence)


2 responses to “The Audit With a Twist #cdnpoli

  1. Very nice.

    Unfortunately, you included one that referenced a leak. If you had ellipsed that out, I might have got all the way to the bottom before I caught on.

    I feel no guilt giving away the game here because I assume anyone who got has far as this comment is already, dare I say it, around the twist.

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