Occupy Regina January

People who attended Occupy Regina in 2011 and early 2012, will remember meeting Stella Rogers. Regrettably, Stella passed away this February in B.C. Stella rose to fame by fearlessly introducing herself to everyone at the Victoria Park camp site, and staying involved in working on “homeless” issues in the months after. She was interviewed on CBC Radio, when a generous donor offered to pay a few months rent to assist people who Occupy Regina had been helping before the City and Police evicted the protesters and the homeless they’d been helping.

I last saw her in the Summer of 2012, assisting her with her tiny Android phone so she could stay in touch with people on Facebook.

Her obituary.


5 responses to “Stella

  1. I remember once the cold was setting in she helped orient some of the less experienced Occupiers about the issues surrounding living outdoors in cold weather. Her experiences from years of off and on homelessness came in very handy, so did her impulsive nature at times…
    I remember her spontaneous protest over the eviction notice sent to residents at 1755 Hamilton, which ultimately ended up delaying the eviction, and generated enough interest that city hall was packed the night it came up before council, with speakers from several different groups.
    I remember she happily helped with anything that needed to be done, even jobs that most people in the camp avoided, like helping carrying the camp toilet to the Filmpool office to empty it.
    Damn. I was wondering about her, she stayed at my place for about a week after the camp was shut down, and then I saw her at some of our events later on, but after that we sort of fell out of touch.

  2. Agreed totally Daniel. My experience with Stella is probably like most of ours. As Lisa commented on Monas page, Stella gave us much more than we gave her. Rest in peace sweet soul.

  3. She was a very loving, compassionate, friendly and caring person…I know she will be greatly missed among all her friends and family…Condolences and prayers for her for a safe journey to the Spirit world..

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