ConCalls: Con-Friendly RMG and Debts to Canada #RoboCon #cdnpoli

One of the companies involved in defending the Conservative MPs who are having their riding wins challenged by the Council of Canadians and citizens of six ridings affected by fraudulent Elections Canada robocalls, is in financial difficulty.

In documents filed in U.S. bankruptcy court, iMarketing Solutions Group Inc. (IMSGI) lists the Canada Revenue Agency as well as the governments of Quebec, Nova Scotia and Manitoba among its creditors.

The company, through its subsidiary Responsive Marketing Group, continues to work as the Conservative Party’s telemarketing fundraiser. In the last election, RMG made millions of voter contact calls to identify Tory supporters and get them out to vote.

National Revenue Minister Gail Shea’s campaign in Prince Edward Island was among the 90 Conservative campaigns that hired RMG to make voter-contact calls during the election. She paid the company $7,500 for services, her financial return shows.

Officials in Shea’s department will now be responsible for collecting the money RMG owes the federal government after the party emerges from creditor protection.

RMG has been in the news quite a bit more than they’d care to be, I think.


2 responses to “ConCalls: Con-Friendly RMG and Debts to Canada #RoboCon #cdnpoli

  1. I own a business in Ontario, and as such, I have been telemarketed by these guys probably 50 times over the years. How should I put this delicately? I wonder if they are legitimate, because they were always started the call asking to support some right leaning very political charitable cause. For example, ‘can you spare $100 to keep our kids off drugs?”, or’ We are raising money to help cutting business taxes’ etc. etc. I always blew them off ‘ I do not have money to spare for that’, they would immediately segue into a buddy buddy, ‘hey I can see why times are tough, with Dalton Mcguinty ruining things, I bet you are sick and tired of him aren’t you?’, or bad mouthing whatever Liberal was in their sights at the moment. It was screamingly obvious that the potential exists for people like them to be paid to fundraise for a supposed charity, then use the calls to identify Conservative donors and supporters. If that were true, then they would be abusing both the charity paying them to make calls, and the legal requirement for charities NOT to financially support political party’s. So now it turns out that they were making these calls below costs, which in my books constitutes a subsidy by their creditors, and the taxpayer to fund Conservative outreach efforts.

  2. It’s probably CONvenient to have their illegal propagandist/fund-raiser business go bankrupt and disappear. Corporate liability laws, … the evidence vanishes.

    I’m just spit-balling here.

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