ConCalls: Well, That Didn’t Work. Queen Steps Back

A week ago, Elizabeth May finally got a response from the Queen of Canada regarding the sovereign’s position on election fraud in our country. Her opinion is that Harper’s appointed Governor General is the suitable person to decide if a Royal Commission should be held to investigate the Prime Minister’s party supporters who fraudulently robocalled thousands to mislead them on where to vote. Thousands more calls were made pretending to be Liberals or NDP who were rude.

If the Governor General decides not to investigate why it took over 701 days to charge a single man with an elaborate cross-country conspiracy to criminally cheat Canadians out of their rights to vote, the Queen really doesn’t care. Our military still swears to protect her though. This, despite her uncaring response to information that Canada’s democratic system is in doubt, and its ability to respond to the internal problems are crippled by conflicts of interest due to appointments by the Prime Minister of the party most closely associated to the election fraud problem.


5 responses to “ConCalls: Well, That Didn’t Work. Queen Steps Back

  1. Nice old lady & her guy, but they don’t seem to have any power or initiative to stand up, with morals or $, to defend their beliefs. Just take more taxpayer $ for their own destructive lifestyle. We have to get rid of our own dictator.

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