Peter Kent Didn’t Age Well

Kent looks the same… but his mind has left him.

Amazing CBC coverage of climate change from the early 1980s. Bob McDonald, Peter Kent, and others make appearances:
Attention Washington: Peter Kent explains Climate Change (the briefing you won’t see).

“The natural preoccupation with the weather tomorrow, the next day, or even Thursday, has distracted public attention from the longer term implications of the Greenhouse Effect.” – Peter Kent, 1984 on CBC

“The Greenhouse Effect must be considered as the world’s most serious environmental concern.” Now he’s the nation’s Environment Minister, and he acts like a POS. What he says does not match his, or his government’s actions. “December 2011 [Kent] announced Canada will withdraw from the Kyoto accord. Canada is committed to getting a new agreement, he says, but it won’t be easy.”

Some of the best/worst parts of the video included “adaptationalists” thinking increased temperatures and acidified oceans can just be adapted to (as mass plant and animal extinctions go on around us while we supposedly soldier on). Mass delusion allows humanity to carry on as it does to its certain demise. I think I know how things will go if an asteroid is observed & predicted to hit Earth within a decade… nothing, until the crash. Humans are pathetically bad at taking immediate action to prevent long term ‘fuzzy’ catastrophes.

This video shows how the Canadian Environment Minister has known for THREE DECADES of a coming calamity to his country (and the world), and now he’s in a position of power to act, and does nothing. Worse than nothing, since pollution is still increasing. His duplicitous actions (or incompetence) make me sick, and they are sealing humanity’s fate.


15 responses to “Peter Kent Didn’t Age Well

  1. He read the teleprompter or learned a script back then and he’s doing what he believes now. (I think he believes Islamic Fundamentalism is behind the global warming conspiracy.)

  2. Policy announcement from:
    ‘the shadow government of Canada’
    regarding Minister of The Environment – failure – incompetence – ignorance


    The current Harper Government should repeal every anti-environment and fisheries item and amendment buried within their undemocratic omnibus ‘budget bill’ C-38. The Minister of Environment should resign and explain publicly how and why he contributed to or supported this malicious attack on Canada’s environment, and his portfolio. Could he also explain why he continues to abdicate his responsibilities regarding the boreal forest ecosystems and endangered species and instead is advocating via approved talking points alongside Joe Oliver and others on behalf of the Alberta tar sands, fracking, numerous pipelines and Chinese supertankers to Kitimaat?

    Certainly, the people of Canada did not request, support or expect completely uninformed & unwarranted action such as extreme gutting of environmental and fisheries protection. It was foreign owned industry that requested and lobbied Harper et al to curtail environmental reviews and change our laws. This is solely to facilitate their government subsidized developments such as drilling, mines, diluted bitumen pipelines, hydro & gas power plants, natural gas pipelines, oil and natural gas fracking and related energy infrastructure such as gas liquefaction plants, supertanker ports or tank farms.

    Kent’s public explanation should inform the people of Canada, media and the conflicted hypocritical politician who said .. “in the interest of democracy I ask:
    How can members represent their constituents on these various areas when they are forced to vote in a block on such legislation and on such concerns? We can agree with some of the measures but oppose others. How do we express our views and the views of our constituents when the matters are so diverse?” (Stephen Harper)


    In the absence of a legitimate democratic elected government in Canada, I’m hoping to foster the growth of a Canadian ‘shadow government’ to identify and suggest the correct, common sense policies or actions in direct confrontation to the specific flawed, irrational, and malignant policies – actions of the Harper Cabal. Thus the correct policy is to repeal the flawed bill items, and demand the resignation of Peter Kent, who is like most federal ministers simply an elected stooge, directed and controlled by the Prime Minister. A willing, ignorant and disposable human smokescreen, destined for the Senate.

    In fairness, I’ve simply adapted the dirty trick Stephen Harper invented.
    It was his idea to appoint hired ‘shadow MP’s’ to electoral ridings in Canada and confuse citizens and voters and disrupt democracy within the ridings. The weakness of the plan was that his paid shadow MP’s were electoral losers, or unemployable louts or robotic wannabe MP’s. By comparison Canada has a wealth of bright, honest, concerned individuals in every riding, with far superior ideas that are not infected or influenced by partisan politics or foreign energy conglomerates.

    Thus .. my ‘shadow government’ policy confronts
    the Harper Government’s failed Minister of The Environment:

    U.S. opposition to the Keystone pipeline is justly hammering Canada’s environmental failures. And we have Peter Kent lobbying for Keystone, trumpeting Canada’s environmental record & quoted in Washington saying the American public is being fooled by a “lack of facts and poor science.”
    plus uttering wandering official pithy nonsense such as:
    “The challenge we have in the United States is better informing the American public of some of the facts and realities and the science of some of the issues that have been discussed around Keystone and around oilsands as a legitimate resource product,” (William Marsden – Post Media)

    I hope the idea of ‘shadow government’ policy proves effective. Any political party that gains a legitimate electoral mandate in Canada will need to actually know what Canada and Canadians needs and wishes are.. rather than making it all up as they go.. putting lipstick on it.. and then trying to force it on us.

  3. Peter Kent is an avatar – there is nothing in that mind but a teleprompter & an accountant – this video evidence shows that the problem was clearly defined since the early 1980’s – omg that’s decades! Now the Harper govt (not our govt) has buried all those intelligent scientific programs in muzzles & funding cuts. We really don’t deserve this.

    • Yep, it was shocking to confirm that in ’84 they had defined exactly the problem and ‘solutions’ and outcomes. There have been some gaps filled in, such as ocean acidification, which they talked about but didn’t comprehend the impact of.

  4. But I thought Peter Kent was your environmental hero. He’s closing down coal fired power plants all over the country. You should be cheering him, not jeering him.

    Of course the coal will be replaced by oil, Saskatchewan oil. You folks could make a lot of money from this deal… oh sorry…I mean save the planet….it’s never about money, its always about saving the planet. I forgot…. Yea, Peter Kent is scum, that’s right.

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