Deer-Tour Around Saskatchewan

Glentworth, SK

Saturday’s road trip through the mist and fog yielded me the best wildlife photos I’ve ever had the privilege of shooting. Some photos from the earlier part of the trip I posted on Sunday morning.

RM Waverley

Unsafe Water

Glentworth, Saskatchewan

Glentworth, Saskatchewan
-Glentworth, SK

Less than a few kms north of Glentworth, just turning toward the highway headed for Lafleche, we saw two herds on different sides of the road. They waited patiently as the humans in the car took many, many photos.

Glentworth, SK

Glentworth, SK

Glentworth, SK

Glentworth, SK

Glentworth, SK

Glentworth, SK
-My digital zoom and the low light didn’t make all of my photos very crisp, but still good enough.

Glentworth, SK
-“See ya!”

Lafleche SK
As a young boy in the 1980s, I remember sitting in the car while my Mum went into Bumper-to-Bumper, and came out of the store in a huge hurry, and moved the car away from the gas station. The back-story is, as she entered the store a mechanic was just leaving the garage as flames were shooting out of a furnace or car inside it. He shut the door, and they left quickly. The building was soon engulfed in flames and black smoke. It was destroyed along with the pop machine out front. That station the STC bus stop back then, and we were there to pick up [or was it drop off?] my Grandmother. The paper apparently referred to Mum as a “mystery woman” whom they were not able to identify. Lafleche turns 100 this year, and it recently lost its M.O.M. STC bus station to fire again.

Gravelbourg SK
– Finished the trip in Gravelbourg with a visit to Adam’s Grandpa, while we watched Canada beat Scotland in curling. Then had some Gravelburgers at the Snack Shack, and an uneventful drive home on the ice-melted highways.


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