ConCalls: 701 days, 1 charge, 234 ridings #RoboCon

It’s been more than 701 days since Elections Canada first became aware of a nation wide malicious robocalling scheme to misdirect non-Conservative voters away from legitimate polling stations for the May 2, 2011 election where Stephen Harper swept to power as a majority government.


I don’t think Michael Sona, who has been charged by Elections Canada, can be fully responsible for the robocalls made in Guelph on behalf of Conservative supporters, nor could he have had sole access to phone numbers used in other parts of the country. I’ve documented the technical reasons behind these beliefs, over the past 13 months.

Sona is charged under a section of the Act that makes it illegal to “wilfully prevent or endeavour to prevent an elector from voting at an election.”” We won’t know until Sona is served with the papers charging him, but I’d be more satisfied if he were charged for his interference with a special poll that wasn’t set up to code.

Meanwhile, a perversely smug person who did have CIMS access to the phone numbers of Guelph, and a legitimate robocall account at RackNine, and happened to share a browser session with Pierre Poutine, and used the same anonymizing proxy service as Poutine did when making legitimate robocalls that did not show up on the initial campaign return… is going on vacation.

234 ridings are waiting for fair elections. Justice is taking a long nap while criminals gallivant about the country.

Sona’s lawyer, Norm Boxall, issued a statement late Tuesday afternoon.

“Although the charge is disappointing, it represents an opportunity for Mr. Sona to finally address the allegations in a court as opposed to in the media and resolve it permanently,” he said. “I cannot help but comment, that if the government was interested in the public being fully informed and the issue of robocalls being properly addressed, a Full Public Inquiry would be called, rather than a charge laid against a single individual who held a junior position on a single campaign and who clearly lacked the resources and access to the data required to make the robocalls. I am confident the public agrees.”


A statement by Conservative Party spokesman Fred DeLorey said the party is pleased the investigation “has progressed to this point.”

“The Conservative Party of Canada ran a clean and ethical campaign and does not tolerate such activity. The party was not involved with these calls and those that were will not play a role in any future campaign.”

Oh really? So, how did Sona gain access to CIMS, DeLorey? And who or what enabled him to remove logs from CIMS to cover his tracks? Lying sacks of dog poo…

Be sure to watch Sixth Estate, as he always has interesting insights and research into stories like this one.

Now for some unsubstantiated speculation, unlike the earlier information in this blog post…
Could Sona be charged now due to his recent outburst that accuses the Conservatives of directing Government of Canada correspondence with Canadians into their partisan CIMS database?

I think EC is charging someone that the CPC wants out of the way, and who they cannot prove was directly involved in robocalling Guelph, so they have the air of pursuing the criminals, while eventually expecting the court to find the only person they’ve charged “not guilty”. A year later, when Sona is found not guilty, EC will claim they tried, and the true master minds will be another year free of criminal charges, and Harper will have another year to ruin Canada as he sees fit.


18 responses to “ConCalls: 701 days, 1 charge, 234 ridings #RoboCon

  1. harper and his stooges at Elections Canada probably thinks this is going to suffice. That we’ll be distracted by the Michael Sona thing just like we patiently waited for years, as EC did nothing and the Supreme Court disgraced itself.

    In this, they are wrong. This is too little, too late.

    • No. I hear there’s going to be an announcement about it (from the CoC’S lawyer) tonight. Not totally sure about that, but I know there’s nothing from any official court or government sources.

      • It’s only been more than 4 months since the case testimony wrapped up… about what was expected for deliberation time. Of course the delay is totally absurd given the gravity of the claims.

  2. SaskBoy, please explain this to me, I don’t geddit – ‘We won’t know until Sona is served with the papers charging him’ ?? What papers and when will they be released to public?
    Also there is a net rumour that Sona attended at Hy’s Steakhouse party with cabinet ministers after the budget was tabled on March 21st.

    • “Sona has sometimes surfaced at social events around Ottawa. He attended a party at Hy’s Steakhouse following the tabling of the federal budget on March 21, an event attended every year by cabinet ministers, political staffers and reporters. A photo posted on Facebook last fall following a Halloween party featured him with a former NDP staffer.”

      • Ah. So that means he’s a friend to all parties? How does a 24 year old afford a high falutin lawyer like Norm Boxall?

  3. Canada has become a cesspool of corruption. Canadians have a very good idea, just who was behind to robo-call election fraud. We most certainly know, who benefited by those robo-calls? Do we not?

    If this is the best Elections Canada can do? That ministry needs a damned good purge. This entire country needs a damned good purge, to be rid of corrupt Politicians.

    Besides which? Harper rewards corrupt thieving Politicians. Just as ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell

  4. John, I also fear your “unsubstantiated speculation”, but the other possibility is that charging Sona is the only way forward for EC’s Guelph investigation now that the Guelph campaign manager has decamped to Kuwait and EC does not have the legal authority to force any of the other unwilling principals to talk.

    • That is a hopeful possibility raised with me last night on Twitter. If that’s the case, I sincerely hope that Sona was personally involved (as emails suggest he would have had to have been, running an Ottawa-managed communications plan). It’d be terrible to use him as a pawn to get at the real Poutine, when there is hard evidence pointing at more likely culprit(s).

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