Wab Kinew at UofR Minifie Lecture

Wab Kinew at UofR

On Tuesday I tried to live blog Wab’s lecture from my smart phone, but the WiFi or something else wasn’t working right. The lecture will be online soon, and is on Access Communications coming up very son on Friday and again on Sunday I think I heard. Check it out, it’s awesome.
One story involved how he protested against a memo from CBC brass.
“Survivors” of residential schools were to be called “former students” according to CBC. More than 3000 children died in those schools. The brass did not heed his caution.

Wab threatened to resign from the CBC. The CBC reporters were unanimously behind Wab.

Whenever he hears Mansbridge say “survivor” in the context of Residential school students, he does a little fist pump. I feel like doing one when I hear the media use that word too.


3 responses to “Wab Kinew at UofR Minifie Lecture

  1. also feathers can be used for the one who is speaking and the one to be listed to, first nations people use this in sharing circles when the feather is passed in the circle its the next persons turn to speak with no disruption or disrespect from the ones who are listening. I know this because I am first nation and the eagle is a sacred being who gives us its body to use for healing and traditional purpose. there are stories about the eagle

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