Sask. energy building codes consultation – Live blog

7:30 I have a feeling I won’t be here long.
It’s not quite what I thought I’d see.

A short 50 minute PowerPoint presentation. It’s not a technical overview of the code. He may not be able to answer all questions, but will refer people elsewhere to someone who can. Excellent.

Oh, an interesting point came up. In 1780 BC, if a house builder’s work was not strong, and the house falls, and the owner dies, the builder shall be put to death. If the owner’s son is killed, the builder’s son is also killed.
Code of Hammurabi

Now the national model code aims to prevent wasted energy.

This consultation is more of one aimed at experts, clearly. It’s not really suitable for the general public.

The “compliance path” is not a phrase that should ever appear in a PowerPoint presentation intended for the public to see.


It’s a very important topic, but I guess I’m just not really in the mood to stretch my brain and patience this much tonight.
NECB – farm buildings are excluded. Hmm.

ERS 80

HOT2000 energy analysis.

I’m going to grab a comment form, then I’m out.


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