ConCalls: Penashue Campaigning Already

The corpse of Penashue’s political career isn’t even undead yet, and it’s already lurching forward thanks to a rich injection of Conservative Party of Canada franken-cash to repay a debt that wasn’t his to have. I guess the Cons can’t scrape up another zombie in Labrador to “work closely” with Elections Canada and to eventually provide another warm body on the backbenches (or Cabinet!) of Pet Cemetery Hill.

Alison summarizes what’s gone wrong with Canadian elections contested by contemptible Conservatives, and the perps walkin’ our streets.


3 responses to “ConCalls: Penashue Campaigning Already

  1. So you remember how Penashue’s “inexperienced volunteer” campaign agent got fired and the Cons sent in their former Chief Financial Officer at Conservative Party of Canada, Sandra Troster, to replace him and fix up Penashue’s submission to Elections Canada? Turns out she just omitted the air travel donations in her initial refiling in December altogether but hand-delivered a cheque covering them on the day of the March 4 deadline.

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