ConCalls: Peter Penashue Stepping Down #RoboCon #elxnfraud

The country could hold its breath, but would probably pass out for waiting. When will Conservatives be charged for their election fraud crimes? Here’s a summary from Sixth Estate listing the allegations Penashue has admitted were correct today, as he guiltily stepped down. Canadians should not let Elections Canada off the hook by letting them write another compliance agreement with a criminal Minister.

This video is a year old now, and we’re waiting for the DPP to decide to press charges for the illegal robocalls made specifically in the Guelph area (while the rest across the country are hardly even investigated!).

Since the video was made, Pat Martin who you hear as the speaker, has settled with Racknine Inc. for casting them as being purposefully involved in sending Pierre Poutine’s illegal robocalls. Racknine recently returned to notoriety for being the firm to run robocalls in Saskatchewan in contravention of CRTC guidelines to properly identify the caller. They were push polling on behalf of the CPC. The deceptive nature of the calls was reminiscent of the Poutine misdirection calls of May 2, 2011.

Just noticed that the NDP were asking the DPP to hurry up and step in last August.


UPDATE: How could they not charge Penashue? His illegal contributions accepted total almost the FINE paid by the Conservatives for their national In & Out scam from the 2006 election.


ADDED: CBC got wind of a report about robocalls.


6 responses to “ConCalls: Peter Penashue Stepping Down #RoboCon #elxnfraud

  1. Totally on the mark.
    Why isn’t voter suppression treason?
    I sincerely believe that given “the Right Honourable Stephen Joseph Harper”s history of lawbreaking, robocalls are but the tip of the iceberg. In fact I believe it profoundly enough that I am walking to Ottawa as soon as I can get my support vehicle ready. Presumably before the, end of March from Victoria B.C. I’m a 70 y.o. guy who when I turned 70 found myself spending my birthday in anger at what the cabal from Calgary has done. Anger is very bad for one’s health. I hope to raise awareness about the fact that every one of the thugs elected or otherwise that are members of Harper’s inner circle should be in prison.
    My website is admittedly shallow at the moment but I’ll be fleshing it out as soon as I get going.

    • The membership’s hardly exclusive to Calgary, as Penashue demonstrated.

      Looking forward to seeing the investigations continue, and charges laid when warranted.

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