Wall’s Leaky Logic

Brad Wall went to Washington in order to pitch the Keystone XL pipeline project. In doing so, he made some really absurd claims, that CTV failed to juxtapose against the scientifically accurate situation that Wall mischaracterized. Joe Oliver of the Conservatives has also been making totally absurd claims about Canada’s environmental track record under his government’s [lack of] leadership.

“Saskatchewan’s environmental record is not good.” – Global TV news clip from 2009.

It’s totally irresponsible journalism by the Canadian Press to allow the Premier to make the opposite claim without also clarifying his remarks, or offering the comments from someone with a factual response to his fiction.

Here’s the economic case, here’s the energy security and oh, by the way, we care about the environment and here’s what we’re doing with respect to the environmental piece of this.”
“We need to indicate that we’re serious about the environment, because we are,”{… delusional or two faced, I must add.}

This was a horrendously unbalanced CP article. Experts can refute the “Conservative” premier’s claims that Sask. can care about climate change while pushing the carbon-budget-obliterating KXL pipeline project.

Wall’s claim is analogous to a captain saying that he’s serious about keeping a ship afloat by plugging a hole in starboard side, while boring a bigger hole in the port side. It doesn’t matter if water intake is reduced in one side, if the ship’s still getting flooded.

The premier added he’s confident Keystone will soon be approved, particularly following the U.S. State Department’s draft environmental assessment of the pipeline that was dismissive of many of the environmental movement’s concerns about it.

That State Dept. report was actually written by a KXL friendly contractor, we soon later learned. Hard to believe Wall didn’t know the integrity of the report is in doubt. What is not in doubt among scientists is the potential carbon from the tar sands, when burned, will far surpass the carbon budget our climate could possibly withstand for a less than 2 degree change in our climate’s temperature.

The State Department’s “don’t worry” environmental impact statement for the proposed Keystone XL tarsands pipeline, released late Friday afternoon, was written not by government officials but by a private company in the pay of the pipeline’s owner. The “sustainability consultancy” Environmental Resources Management (ERM) was paid an undisclosed amount under contract to TransCanada to write the statement, which is now an official government document. The statement estimates, and then dismisses, the pipeline’s massive carbon footprint and other environmental impacts, because, it asserts, the mining and burning of the tar sands is unstoppable.

Resistance is futile? Great to plan human society upon the presumption of failure! Our political leaders are vision-less cowards.


9 responses to “Wall’s Leaky Logic

  1. http://www.globalregina.com/video/evening+news+mar+7/video.html?v=2341411855&p=2&s=dd#video
    In this video Wall says he’s working for the people of Sask. and it’s our oil, nonrenewable, and we’re not “maximizing our return”.
    No, we sure are not. He’s in a hurry to pump it and sell it while it’s under $100/barrel, and has no long term investment strategy for it like Norway has for their oil. If we waited to pump it, then the people living in Saskatchewan would be able to sell the oil for more money when it becomes even more scarce elsewhere.

    Wall apparently went on to say that a non-operational “Clean coal” CCS project is “proof” of Canada cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Sadly, we’ve made no such cut in coal gas emissions, since it’s not working (there’s apparently a plan to put the project online later this year). Total emissions for Canada are up. Again, he doesn’t get to imply there are cuts to total pollution, when there are greater increases in our country.

    Here’s a terrific graphic demonstrating Wall’s province is the biggest GHG offender in increased emissions since 1990 to 2008. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_and_the_Kyoto_Protocol

  2. Greed trumps common sense every time. Alberta lakes and waterways, now have tar sands pollution in them. The huge Athabasca watershed, is now polluted. Alberta family’s have had to desert their homes, the stench of the tar sands made them ill. It’s only a matter of time, before the tar sands pollution, gets into Saskatchewan and BC. It was said. The dirty tar sands can and will, pollute this entire planet. Hopefully, we can evolve enough, to drink oil and eat money.

    It is also said. Man is the most destructive animal on this earth and, the most stupid one at that.

  3. I guess the Prairie mentality is good for winning wars but horrible for manging the won resources. SK is behaving like Hitler’s Continentalism here. Just because AGW isn’t pressing for SK doesn’t mean the world should be ignored. Spreading clay costs around $5/tonne. With only around 20% carbon content of trees sequestered in clay/peat-water, that is $25/tonne a carbon price. Overall maybe $50-$60/tonne for the whole process. Perhaps injection wells, sending a wood chip pore-wter slurry, might be economical.
    The only reason you wouldn’t pay to stop AGW, is if the developing world will use their future food/water to create WMDs, or if you empower in media inbreed, tar execs locked in a suicidal 20th cenutry worldview.

  4. Not sure I fully grasp either of the two previous comments.

    There are definitely quite a few people out there who will gladly trade the future for the now. I seek more of a balance, but when push comes to shove, destroying the future should not be used as a means to protect the impermanent ‘now’.

  5. http://metronews.ca/news/regina/590046/premier-brad-wall-cheerleading-a-geen-keystone-pipeline/
    “…It’s something Wall said Canada is not very good at showing off, suggesting that we do more to share our successful green technologies and ideas.

    And maybe, just maybe, that’s the best part about Wall going to the American capital — people are starting to notice that when it comes to environmental policies, we actually have a few valuable aces up our sleeve.

    The clean-coal project really has become the superstar of his cheerleading mission, simply because it shows the world that Canada does care about the environment. It may be just a little bit, and in relation to an oil pipeline, but we do care.”

    This sort of baseless cheerleading gives Saskatchewan a black eye in the reputation department. It’s delusional for Wall to claim moral high ground when there is 0 clean coal in production thus far, and its result will pump more oil out of the Weyburn oil fields (directly offsetting some unknown part of the CCS benefit). Saskatchewan universities do practically 0 research on renewable and clean energy sources also.

    KXL is a technology that intends to make the burning of more carbon possible. The amount available in the tarsands is well past the total carbon the atmosphere can bear to change less than 2 degrees overall. That’s a civilization ender.

  6. I’m reading a U of Sask thesis about clay flow in pipelines. It mentions clay is generally – charged. Peat pore water is H+ ions, so I think cracks in clay can even be healed. A Sarnia paper mentions it requires 45M of clay to fully segregate Ice Age water from newer. Keeping pore water and trees/chips away from sunlight and oxygen seems a bit easier than preventing CO2 from diffusing through the soil profile to the atmosphere. Lots of clay in SK, not much pea moss.

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