Stompin’ Tom Connors Stomps Out

Farewell to a Canadian music legend who made folk music cool. Stompin’ Tom is bound to provoke cultural references for years to come.

Listen to Corb Lund’s cover of Stompin’ Tom’s Hockey Song. It has a bonus verse too. “It’s culturally important to hear that song.”

Here’s one of my oldest blog posts:

June 16, 2002 Stompin' Tom Connors
I just got back from the Live from Rideau Hall concert. WOW! I had great fun despite the drizzling rain.
Look at Stompin’ Tom in action.

ADDED from 2002:


4 responses to “Stompin’ Tom Connors Stomps Out

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  2. This is indeed a sad day. I lived up the road from Stompin’ Tom’s home and it looked like any other house you would see. He never lived ‘the high life’ just as regular folk. It’s going to be sad driving past the old place knowing he isn’t there.

    PS… the only thing good about ‘Scudbury’ was Tom’s song. ;)

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