Thinking Is Not Hard

Thinking is not hard to do, but some people treat it like others should do it for them. Clicking that link may be painful, as it has details of a state representative saying cyclists pollute worse than car drivers because they are exercising and breathing out more CO(2) in doing so. I guess the worst thing you could do is get in a car, go to the gym, and get on a stationary bike, eh?

Idiots are all around us, and sometimes they are elected as government representatives. Because this story casts cyclists in a negative light, I suppose you’ll be hearing about it on Gormley’s radio show later on. You can then expect the usual cast of zombie callers recounting the last time they were irritated by a cyclist on a street they owned.

There’s nothing more polluting, in every sense of the word, than a Republican on a high horse.


Yesterday I noted on Twitter that there are many easy changes someone can make in their weekly routine, to make a dent in how much climate change (air pollution) they directly and indirectly create. For instance, someone can cut meat out of one of their days in the week, to have at least a 1/7th impact immediately on their demand for meat. If the demand falls enough, fewer animals will need to be raised to make farmers the same amount of money. More importantly, meat requires much more water and energy input for the same amount of food energy plants can directly provide to humans.

Some (intentionally) hard of understanding trolls came by to mock the information. It’s hard not to laugh at someone who thinks its hard to point out a time when Saskatchewan has faced a water crisis. Although the title is worded in a clumsy way, Forbes helps explain why basing so much of the world’s food supply on meat, is a folly.

This information didn’t slow down the trolls though, who went on to suggest that I’m a damned dirty easterner, never grew up on a farm, and couldn’t have the faintest idea of what it takes to understand the food system. Besides all that, I apparently want all people to stop eating all meat, and starve. It’s hard to argue with iron-clad logic like that, eh?

Some of these comments come from people who earlier chided me for thinking of solutions to our oil dependence. When did conservatives start subscribing to pre-Copernicus thinking? There are centuries of tradition after that sort of anti-science, anti-discovery thinking to “conserve” with their defence of the status quo. There’s no need to be so anti-intellectual and anti-solution.


7 responses to “Thinking Is Not Hard

  1. I love it when the scientific illiterati pronounce on science!!!!! Rep. Orcutt is scientifically correct that a body in motion uses more energy and thus creates more exhaust gases (CO2) than a body at rest. Creating your strawman arguement comparing the rider+bike and rider+car is a little silly. What Rep. Orcutt wants is a tax on the rich 1%’ers who don’t pay their fair share and use what we, the 99%, pay for. Rep Orcutt wants to tax the most expensive bicycles belonging to the wealthy to help pay for the roads they drive on, the signage they rely on and the bike lanes built for their use. As the country has a transportation tax, why should the wealthiest 1% NOT have it apply to them? Who can afford a $1000-$5000-$10000 BIKE and why should they not be taxed accordingly??????

    Your defense of the uber-wealthy is just sad.

    I have a perfect enviro-proposal to beat globull warming, wean the population from globull warming caused by meat and compensate for man’s destructive ways….

    The Keystone pipeline will create 0.83 million metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions annually. A house cat creates 2.2 tonnes of C02 -equivalents! “Catfood, cat litter, waste… every cat leads to 2.2 tons of CO2 emissions annually. No other house pet leaves such a terrible ecological paw-print. Just the manufacture of cat food and its packing leads to about one ton of CO2 per cat. The waste disposal of food cans and cat litter burdens the climate with an additional 1250 kg of carbon dioxide. Then you have to include the water consumption for cleaning the cat potty.” [all] As there is roughly 75 million house cats in the USA that would allow NO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT BY KEYSTONE for 200 years if we eat all the cats!!!!!!! The added bonus is that less farmed meat will be eaten thus less environmental damage!!!!!

    PS… as a conservative I am very pro-pre-Copernican! I recommend Aristarchus of Samos and Eratosthenes of Cyrene for starters. Remember what ‘consensus’ and ‘scientific authority’ represented during Copernicus’ time.

  2. Jesus christ, that was pathetic. Even for you. Who pays you to write this crap? I’m at least half as lazy as you are. What are the rates? Is it by the word, or do you have certain quality standards to reach? (If so, you probably won’t get much for that little screed.)

    • No kidding. It’s to the point where I’m weighing what will be a bigger burden to me, repeatedly banning his IP, or allowing him to stink up my comments section and moderating as is so often required. I’ve been leaving him for the most part because he causes others to comment who would not otherwise, but having an active comment section may not be worth the price of a troll like RedJefff who actually makes people stupider upon reading what he wants to say.

      For now he’ll remain as a warning to people what can go wrong with them if they submit to defending power, and a deadly status-quo.

      • Yeahhhhh, ‘cept the “moderation” in “moderating as is so often required” turns out as either strawman or ad hominem. The math, or %pH (???) as we anti-science types like to call it, seems a little hard for some to understand. Like taxing only wealthy ‘sport’ bike owners… a bit hard to fathom.

        The story of cats comes from the German daily Bild which has more readers than the WSJ, USA Today and NYT combined. As a courtesy I was providing the English translation. Incidently, the canary is the most eco-friendly pet at 0.028tons CO2 equivalents per year. Amazing what you find out when you read!!! ;)

        PS… isn’t it weird that Joseph Stalin and Hugo Chavez die on the exact same day 60 years apart??!!?? From the same cloth I tell’s ya!

  3. Hey! Al Gorejeera’s Reality-Drop project is signing up astroturfing gorebots to drop reality and counter globull warming deniers! You can win prizes if you sign up and astroturf the most!!!! Simply copy and paste their automated web link to your comment and voila YOU TOO can be rewarded!!!!!

    Al’s money quote? “Earn points by copying the science, putting it in your own words, and pasting it into comment streams in the article.” NOTE TO AL**** you don’t cut and paste in your own words!!!!!!

    Bestest part? “Developed through a collaboration with the website Skeptical Science, Reality Drop curates hundreds of online news articles daily for articles that demand a response—whether it’s a misleading quote from a climate denier or a heated debate raging in the comments section.”

    Yup, coordinated computer generated astroturfing.

    Sadly, just another case of alarmist projection… accusing others of doing what the alarmists are doing already.

    PS… the Gore family made their fortune growing tobacco and leasing a zinc mine on their property.

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