Flight and Death

Last week I watched “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” [9/10] which is a must-see movie, not only if you love it when alien bugs invade brains. I won’t spoil the ending, but someone important dies.

I saw the end of “Death Race” [3/10] and I’m glad I didn’t see the beginning.


Time for a humourous song moment:

United Breaks More Guitars

I think this was the coolest model plane ever, and I only just discovered the video of it:

Model plane flight doesn’t always work:


One response to “Flight and Death

  1. I’m big on developing recyclable thermoplastics (an oil fraction and potentially the whole barrel) systems. Here, for the Seattle area would be great. Is hydro.
    I watched something on TV that made me wish I was a toothbrush in SK. Before the recession I used to like the Global Vancouver timezone shift even better than The National. Global had good medical stories regularly. Now I’d pay extra for a SK global news channel.

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