Medical Tricorder

Aspen Medical

I got to use a device at lunch-hour today that had aspects of a medical tricorder, the near magical medical scanning devices used first by the fictional Dr. McCoy on the Starship Enterprise. This modern, non-invasive scanner can look at skin and detect signs of diabetes, giving the user an indication if they do or do not need further screening soon.

Aspen Medical

Aspen Medical
Scout DS

I got a negative score of less than 50. Woo Hoo!
Aspen Medical screening for Diabetes

This continues my longstanding tradition of sharing my non-embarrassing medical test results on the Internet, so I don’t feel so bad when eventually Sask Health or a doctor loses/destroys them ;-)

Aspen Medical
Check out Aspen Medical Centre on Twitter. They have a new website too.
Oct 12, 2012 – Aspen Medical Canada recently purchased the Allied Health Centre at the University of Regina.”


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