Holy Sit

Kids were getting chemical burns from a toilet seat (and probably desk, for a boy with burned elbows) at an Ottawa area school. Most likely the disinfectant was sprayed on but never properly wiped off and rinsed. One of my concerns with using publish washrooms that have just been cleaned, is chemical splash-back or toxic seats. Thanks Ottawa area school for perma-scaring these poor kids for life into avoiding public washrooms…


The Pope quit. Holy Quit, as the Daily Show wrote last night. The jokes on Twitter were non-stop, totally unlike the Pope. He gave up his job for Lent, and then I saw three others make the same connection. The jokes were coming in so fast, that by the time you thought of one, someone else had used it five minutes ago. Welcome to comedy in the 21st century; it’s all been done, woo woo woo.

Darwin Day

Popes were no friend to science back in the day, and they still aren’t. So today it’s worth recognizing someone who was. It’s Darwin Day, to commemorate Charles Darwin’s birthday. Both Regina and Saskatchewan have formally recognized the day this year.


It’s finally happened. Finally someone in the world has had their death attributed to their severe Coke habit. Coca-cola that is. 10L/day.


F-35 JSF has always been a scam, and the Conservatives are attempting to blame the military for their mistakes.


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