ConCalls: Investigate the Investigation? #RoboCon

If you need your blood pressure raised, Daniel Dickin has just the treatment for you. The persistent hack, perpetual election fraud defender, suggests that because there are no resulting charges for the misdirecting robocalls that Conservative supporters ran across the country on May 2, 2011, the investigators’ expenses should be put under a microscope. Yes, a “journalist” suggests that crime is expensive to investigate, so if there are not results, the investigation of a fraud, is a fraud itself. Well, he may well be onto something, because 651 days to investigate a major national crime, with no charges is kinda fishy. Somehow, I don’t think he wants the same judicial outcome that I’m looking for though.

He goes on to call the election crime the Conservatives pleaded guilty to, “In and Out”, a “debate”.


3 responses to “ConCalls: Investigate the Investigation? #RoboCon

  1. Canada has become, a cesspool of corruption, especially since Harper’s so called majority.

    How can we expect otherwise. Everything is controlled by the Great Dictator of these days. The honest member of Elections Canada suddenly resigned. Harper always leaves a wide path of corruption, on everything he touches. We have no doubt Harper cheated to win his, so called majority with the robo-call fraud. That wasn’t the only election fraud, Harper did either. He had Wenzel and Parker two Americans, who directly participated in 14 Conservative campaigns. Robo-calls came out of N. Dakota. Harper also campaigned from a Calgary radio station, right on election day. That is election fraud too.

    However. The opposition have refused to do anything about it either.

    Harper is also a Traitor to Canada, for selling Canada out to Red China. The opposition does nothing about that, what-so-ever.

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