ConCalls: #RoboCon RoboBus Meets #Jennimandering

One of Regina’s 3 finest Conservative MPs has fingered Jenni Byrne as ultimately responsible for the misleading push-poll by “Chase Research” which has apparent ties to RackNine in Alberta.

Byrne ran the Conservative election campaign in 2011 which just happened to be boosted by anonymous Conservative supporters running illegal robocalls that fraudulently pretended to be from Elections Canada, and misdirected electors away from their correct polling stations. The result of those robocalls was enough to change the outcome of the election in some closely contested ridings in Canada. There is a Federal Court challenge being deliberated upon now by Justice Mosely. Mosely’s handling of the case takes a decision in 6 ridings, on whether to hold a byelection or not, past 650 days since the crime helped give the Conservatives those six (& other) seats.

The latest robocalls by the Conservatives were an effort to gerrymander the riding boundary redrawing to favour the current map which apparently favours Conservatives (they’ve won 13/14 ridings previously).

ADDED: Dr. Dawg

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