Why is Julian Assange Trapped in Ecuador’s Embassy

People may not know exactly why Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange has been detained in the UK, then trapped in Ecuador’s embassy. The short answer is, because he embarrassed the US military intelligence community, they’ve waged a character assassination war upon him using his casual sex with women against him.

The US wouldn’t extradite him directly from the UK, because they win more discretely by pulling on Sweden’s strings. The US can continue to deny they’ve secretly indicted Assange for something like espionage, for Wikileaks having obtained the Cablegate secret files. If Assange did go to Sweden for questioning, they’d lock him up, without outside communication, charge him, jail him, then deport him to the US who at that time would reveal their sealed indictment. Australia, Assange’s home nation, would stand idly by, continuing to fail to protect him, so Gillard can protect Australia’s submissive intelligence relationship with the US.

“Assange conveniently left [Sweden] before [an interview with the prosecutor] could happen.” Not quite; his lawyer asked if he was wanted for questioning, and the prosecutor declined at that time. He left, after weeks, then was inconveniently called back. He’s been detained by the UK, or under the protection of asylum of Ecuador since 2010, and so the Swedish prosecutor should have gone to where her suspect was since she knows Assange can’t/won’t leave without ending up in a Swedish hole. The prosecutor has travelled abroad in such unusual cases before. She won’t this time because their game is won if Assange is detained and credulous people accept their bogus story.

The big picture is that the US is aiming to shut down Wikileaks through tying up Assange in a compromised justice system that detains people without trial for years (Manning), and hounds hackers to death with the threat of charges and financial ruin if they fight back (Swartz). That’s if their censorious proxy financial blockade doesn’t manage first. Without Wikileaks or similar journalistic organizations, it will be virtually impossible for the people to have intelligence required to subvert authoritarians in our governments and financial-fascist banking systems.

That’s why there are so many good professionals and resources going to defending Assange over these bogus, trumped up allegations of Swedish “rape”. One doesn’t need to know the intricacies of Swedish (or US, or UK) law to see the game afoot. Assange’s sexual habits are not what got him into this mess, they are a side show played up by dangerous parts of the American and related governments. If he’d have abstained from sex, they would have concocted a different plot along these same lines, the truth is not important to those in government seeking the ruin of Assange and Wikileaks. They are quite literally the enemies of truth, and open information.

10 responses to “Why is Julian Assange Trapped in Ecuador’s Embassy

  1. I have some Marxist friends who will swear up and down that Assange is a rapist and that to defend him is to stand with him against all women simply because of his work through Wikileaks. (Not that they’ll say that he’s guilty without having been tried mind you. Just that he’s a fucking sleaze-ball rapist.)

    I don’t want to dismiss the seriousness of what he’s charged with, but it does seem to me that this is just a step up from the character assassination that he’s been subjected to by the US elites since he exposed their atrocities.

    My Marxist friends also claim that there is nothing untoward about the Swedish prosecutor’s behaviour or the Swedish government’s behaviour, but I disagree. I think it’s bullshit that she wouldn’t go to London to interview him and I think it’s bullshit that the Swedish government won’t accommodate his concerns in some way.

    It seems to me that if there’s anyone standing in the way of those two women getting their day in court, it’s the Swedish prosecutor and the Swedish government.

    • Exactly. They picked this line of attack because they know how terrible it will feel for people to defend someone accused of sex crimes.

      It’s completely unfair to the women accusers, who allegedly became upset at the police or prosecutors when this spiralled out of their control (they apparently only wanted to force him to be tested for STDs, which sounds to be an odd demand anyway). Even the BBC article I linked to admits that the prosecutor could have travelled to London. I’m still considering raising a few hundred dollars and buying her a plane ticket and emailing a Google Map to the Ecuadorian embassy, as a stupid publicity stunt.

      It’s really quite easy to see what’s going on, based on these little things that authorities are not doing, and the big things that they’ve done, over the past two years. It demonstrates that Assange is the one who is telling people what is actually going on in his preposterous, malicious detention.

      • The fundraising of the airplane fare should be easy enough to manage, regardless of any legal strictures currently in place or under consideration, no?

    • “From the whore to the Pope, there is a mass of such rabble.”
      – Karl Marx (on the service sector)

      Marx was not a fan of extortion or fraud. Today’s fake women are more akin to priests than workers. Either your Marxist friends are horribly confused or I am.

  2. I am beyond shocked that you so readily support a repeat sexual offender. In dismissing his sexual violence against women you may as well write words condoning his actions. How many innocent victims are out there right now suffering in silence? Has he already committed his victims to death sentances? Is he, as reports have questioned, HIV+? Should his victims have to suffer and wait until Assange has exhausted all legal appeals to find out if their lives are irrevocably changed forever?

    Do you feel it’s right to afford such a sexual predator this amount of hero worship?

    At least there are a few marxist’s out there, along with their conservative brethren, willing to stand up for their principles, basic right and wrong, and are unwilling to overlook sexist and misogynistic crimes for their own political expedience.

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