Newspaper Comments Highlight Canadian Racism

The comments sections on some newspapers and online news sites can be infamously bad. The Calgary Herald’s commenters, many of them frequent enough to be “top commenters”, put on a despicable display today. Chief Spence ended her hunger strike, and was hospitalized as a precaution because she’s been without proper nutrition for six weeks. Obviously such a drastic diet, with the purpose of forcing an emotional outpouring of support for political ends, is not healthy.

Mike Neumeier · Top Commenter
Look at her, there’s no way she was on a liquid-only diet – stop lying already. I’m pretty sure I saw her pounding down 6 mama-burgers at A & W the other day.

Ah yes, fat jokes about the lady who has been starving the past six weeks. Starving because the Prime Minister is too prideful to grant even an hour for himself and the Governor General to meet in person with some First Nations leaders. Starving, because First Nations people across Canada tend to suffer and be murdered at higher rates than other Canadians, yet this is not deemed an emergency that needs immediate correcting, according to the Prime Minister. She was starving for justice, and you mock her.

At least one journalist at CTV realized that there are some stories where there is a clear morally just side, and another where people die needlessly*. Can the corporate media as a whole begin to extend this realization to the issue of racism also? It’s not like racism has ever killed millions of people before, but their imaginations need to be stretched (if they can’t recall any race based genocide).

I don’t know how these people listed below will feel later about their negative comments, but if I’d ever made a nasty comment about someone based on their appearance or their race, I’d feel ashamed. These people signed their names to racist, fat jokes, some while listing their employer. That either takes guts (minus a heart), or a heck of a lack of brains.

Ken Schmied · Top Commenter
Hopefully the poor dear will be able to quickly put on some weight. She looks emaciated.
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David Kolling · Telephony Analyst at Shaw Communications
I think we as canadian tax payers should pony up and pay to send her to a really nice spa for 3 or 4 months to help her heal. You’re right she looks awful. Hahahahaha.
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Ken Schmied · Top Commenter
Grand Valley would be a wonderful resort for her to spend 6 to 10 years with time off for good behavior.
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Alan Beaulieu · Top Commenter · Calgary, Alberta
Looks like she could have done a few pushups and situps while she was Idling.
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William Kim Parkyn · Top Commenter
Too much media attention has been given to this charleton. Her hunger strike reminds me of her accounting methods.
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David Schafer · Top Commenter · University of Calgary
Gandhi went on a much shorter hunger strike and looked close to death. Spence was on a “hunger strike” for weeks and still is a dead ringer for Jabba the Hut.
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Murray Edel
If Mike Duffy had been on a similar hunger strike, the CBC would have lampooned him on 22 Minutes in a heartbeat.
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Larry Chartrand · Calgary, Alberta
She heard A&W has the Buddy burgers back at tax payer funded $1.75.
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Cinn Dee Anderson · Follow · Burnaby college
this made me lol
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John Martin · Top Commenter · Calgary, Alberta
Why does anyone still pay attention to this crook? The only reason she did her so called hunger strike is to try to take attention away from the money she and her boy friend stole/are stealing from her reserve. Apparently every night she goes to a hotel room to sleep (and I’m sure order room service) in a Hummer or Caddy. No news media reports on this nor do they mention the fact that she has a home in Arizona. And it goes on and on.
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Mildred Johnson · Top Commenter
I wished the media would stop feeling for this beached whale, and start exposing all the monies and properties she has hidden away in the US.
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Mildred Johnson · Top Commenter
I don’t believe she was ever on a hunger strike. So she can stop trying to fool herself that she had issues with the gov’t. They have let her steal millions of our taxpayer dollars.
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Ron Williams · Top Commenter · Calgary, Alberta
No surprise, it got cold. And was a farce and is exposed. Hopefully now her people will go after her for her lies and theft.
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Ed Tanas · Top Commenter · Calgary, Alberta
Canada after the next election is going to be a very different country, ..and that will be a good thing..

Harper must listen or his political future could be over.. and with the opposition parties now signing this , they will be bound to implement the 13 priories… and thus have the votes of most First Nations and Idle No More supporters..Harper best pack his bags ready to be taken out the door in 2016..
..See More
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Mike Neumeier · Top Commenter
Whatever you say Eddie “can of potatoes”!!
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Mike Neumeier · Top Commenter
More garbage coming from your mouth – i say scrap all treaties, put the indian on the same page with today’s society, wake up from your stupid dreams already & start fending for yourself.

The money stops now, maybe then you’ll gain respect from the whiteman instead of whining all the time because you’re not looked after.

Ed, you know why that wouldn’t be in the indians best interest – because they wouldn’t survive without the whiteman’s help – GET IT.
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Warren Peece · Top Commenter
My nomination for leader of the LOOPY LEFT is ….. ED TANAS.

Is there a seconder?
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Mike Neumeier · Top Commenter
Look at her, there’s no way she was on a liquid-only diet – stop lying already. I’m pretty sure I saw her pounding down 6 mama-burgers at A & W the other day.
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Mildred Johnson · Top Commenter
If the Indians are so unhappy in Canada, why don’t they move to the USA, UK and anywhere else they want to go. Give us a break from giving our tax dollars to them and the fraud and theft they are committing against our people and the gov’t.
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Here is Kevin Newman’s rationale for covering racism in a different way than pre-Civil Rights America (or perhaps pre-Idle No More Canada).

As I was working on that story for W5, I was also reading Douglas Brinkley’s remarkable biography of Walter Cronkite. I was surprised and relieved to learn how Cronkite had driven CBS reporters to cross a similar line in their reporting during the civil rights movement in the U.S. The systemic racism toward African-Americans, he believed, compelled journalists to put aside their notions of neutrality and play a role in shaping American’s acceptance of equal rights.

To Cronkite, there was no “other side” that needed equal time in CBS reporting of segregation; there was only one position that was humane and moral. That’s how I feel about what I consider the civil rights issue of my time: legal and societal equality for gays and lesbians. I cannot see a valid or moral argument for limiting them. I will not accept that my son has fewer rights, must hide who he is, or be afraid to celebrate true love in front of us.

Cronkite’s example helped ease my reluctance to reveal my bias, and as long as I’m being transparent about it, I feel comfortable sharing with W5 viewers and you this aspect of my life I never have discussed before.

57 responses to “Newspaper Comments Highlight Canadian Racism

  1. Thank you for your post.

    In French we say: “when you want to drown your dog, you pretend he has rabies”. Of course we know that obesity has a link with poverty. And also we know that the face is the last place where some people lose weight We also know that when a person is in really bad shape, they become bloated (my grandmother was really bloated in the last 3 or 4 days befire she died of heart failure).

    And we also know that male political opponents are attacked on their ideas while women are declared crazy, threatened or ridiculed for their looks, style of dress, age or weight (whether it’s true or not is not important). I has happened to me personally.

    And we also know that the accusations of mismanagement have been rebuked 1000 times, with facts and figures.

    But who cares, eh? We know we are dealing with a junta that does not hesitate to character assassinate people.

  2. Your fellow “Progessive” Blogger World Famous Dim Shields should have been included as an example of the kind of racism running amok in Canada. Yes, theorhetically a progressive. Shouldn’t there be an eject button on Prog Blog?

  3. I tried to counter the hate on the CBC website. Apparently allegations of criminality against Chief Spence are fine, but pointing out the obvious racism of Canadian cretins gets you comments deleted by the moderator.

    • “I tried to counter the hate…” DAMN!!!!!!!! I almost wet my pants laughing so hard!!!!!!!

      I know I never acknowledge you, but I have to this time!!!!!! That’s the DAMN FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen you write!!!!!!!!!!

      How on earth could “you(r) comments (be) deleted by the moderator”? I’ze shocked, shocked I’ze tells ya! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Ummmmmmmmmmm, can anyone point out an actually racist comment? I can’t find one.

    I do read a lot of complaints about her financial mismanagement. But that is ACCOUNTING. Accounting is numbers and numbers isn’t a race. What I do see tho’, is a great deal of excuse making and fiscal unaccountability being readily dismissed BECAUSE the person in question is a visible minority. THAT is racism pure and simple.

    Is there some reason that you feel Native Americans are unable to perform such simple and routine (if they want self governance) tasks? These responsibilities are governed by laws, of which everyone is held accountable to equally.

    Well almost everyone.

    No one is ridiculing the woman over her ethnic background. They’re ridiculing the woman over her fake “hunger strike”. She’s eating, she has continuously eaten and she never stopped. You may not like to hear it, but it is a cold hard fact. Anywhere else in Canada people would call it a diet, and no one would be expecting to meet the Prime Minister because they were on it!

    It’s funny watching all you young pioneers create your personality cult. Sad also.

    • One of many from the Globe;


      9:52 AM on January 10, 2013

      How about we change the name of the movement from “Idle No More” to perhaps:

      Child and Family Services will take care of my kids No More
      Unemployed No More
      We won’t blame white people for our problems No More
      Drunk No More
      I need to be a role model to my children More
      Stuck in jail No More
      Shall I continue???

      • Other than the words “white people” I see no indication of race.

        It’s not really funny, but I do see mention of unemployment, substance abuse and child welfare, all serious issues of reserve life. All that must be dealt with.

        I don’t think a fraudulent ‘hunger strike’ has helped the native cause.

    • Denial is not just a River in Egypt.

      The Con way, slagging, bigotry, racism and hate speech, then the priceless response;

      Who, us?

    • It was minus 20 so the Deloitte city folks with their suits and ties did not bother to go in the unheated warehouse to retrieve the cases of supporting documents, poor things. Anyway they had to show a bit of thankfulness for that other contract @ $90,000/day to “save money”, eh? I know CA firms a bit from the inside, thank you (more than one!) When the government wants a report supporting something they plan to do anyway, they get it. This is what happened with municipal mergers in Quebec, an example I saw personnally (I proofread that report). Accounting and management consulting are extremely soft “sciences”, despite what people think.

      Don’t BS me, I have been a federal auditor. Missing documents are NOT a proof of fraud. And with 600 reports to submit per year (how many work in the band office?), it’s bound to happen anyway.

      The audit spans 2005-2011. Chief Spence was there only for the last 18-to-24 months. Before her: 400 or so “missing” docs. Under her watch: 30. Yet of course she is the one who gets nailed. And she gets personal attacks, for the reasons I stated above. That’s how the Cons play ball.

      • Hi fem. As you “know CA firms a bit from the inside”, you must also know that it the ones being audited who have the responsibility of providing the necessary documentation… irrespective of the temperature. Anyone who has filed a tax return knows you require proof and documentation. It’s not up to the Ministry of Revenue to verify your claims.

        As, again, you “know CA firms a bit from the inside”, you are also aware of the rules that accountants have to follow. Rules scripted in legalese to avoid any vagueness. Rules admissable in court. Rules enacted by their professional organization, rules that are recognized world wide across jurisdictions and political systems.

        While it may be true that “When the government wants a report supporting something they plan to do anyway, they get it.”, a “government report” isn’t a financial audit. Because you “know CA firms a bit from the inside”, you should be well aware of this.

        It should also be blatantly obvious that the Government used a 3rd party as the auditor to guarantee impartiality.

        Damn racist accountants.

        PS… can you point me to the newest audit, correcting the mistakes of the previously, as you say “debunked”, Deloitte audit? Thank you in advance!!

      • Then explain the collapse of Arthur Andersen in Enron? And and and (the last one is a case in Canada).

        You can stop playing your tape recorder. LOL professional organizations. You still believe in the tooth fairy? The IFRS are even easier to circumvent than the GAAP. Policed by other accountants and politicians who need money from professional firms (engineers! lawyers! architects! accoutants! and construction firms) to get elected.

        Last time I answer you sweetie! You are not worth it.

      • No problem Fem! Firstly may I say that Arthur Andersen LLP was never criminally convicted of anything. Let me explain… one division of Arthur Andersen was doing ‘consulting’, in other words setting up economic strategies for Enron, and a second division was doing the final audits. See? They were checking themselves!!!! They were their own quality control, there was no outside confirmation. Akin to Chief exSpensive and her life-partner Clayton. Enron finance pressured Andersen to accept risky accounting practices (pro forma ring a bell?).

        All that said, Andersen lost it’s reputation because it DIDN’T REPORT risky accounting, your claim is that Deloitte, who IS REPORTING risky accounting is in error.

        You would believe that the entire professional accounting industry is corrupt rather than believe a tiny native band can’t do proper simple paperwork.


        PS… could you please provide a link to the audit that you said “debunked” the Deloitte one? Thank you again! ;)

        PSS… to help you out, you asked above “Missing documents are NOT a proof of fraud. And with 600 reports to submit per year (how many work in the band office?), it’s bound to happen anyway” There are 19 Councillors 3 chiefs and 3 to 5 band managers. Serving 1500 people. Yeah, it’s bound to happen.

      • RedTroll farted: ” Firstly may I say that Arthur Andersen LLP was never criminally convicted of anything”

        Hey stupid! They’re just like Chief Spence then!!!!

      • Absolutely!!!! They’re guilty in hundreds of civil suits, due to their incompetence, they were motivated to only enrichen themselves and their reputations are down the toilet. “They’re just like Chief Spence then!!!!” !!!!! But lets not forget Clayton, the second ‘Andersen division’ was equally culpable.

      • Sorry stupid RedTurd. You missed the Auditor General’s June 2011 report that said that book-keeping problems such as were found at Attawapiskat were to be expected due to the federal government’s own stupidity and because these small communities don’t have the accounting resources that municipal and provincial institutions have.

        Regardless, you have been accusing Chief Spence of being a criminal. Perhaps you should STFU?

      • Ohhhhh Thwap, you’re so yesterday’s man ;)… here is Deloitte’s actual 2012 audit. See? 2012, not 2011 ! Not heresay, the ACTUAL audit. Be my guest, find fault.

        I have worked for family company’s with 10 employees who had to, by law, ballance and report their books. 10 people. If the bands bookkeeping problems were as you say, “…because these small communities don’t have the accounting resources that municipal and provincial institutions have. Neither do 99% of most businesses and individuals out there… it doesn’t let us of the hook. If they are unable to perform such fundamental responsibilities by themselves, how on earth do they think they can become a functioning “nation”.

        Lastly, you’ve said that I “have been accusing Chief Spence of being a criminal”. No, I haven’t. I have said she was a fraud, a charlatan and that the accounts are in serious need of scrutiny. If you can quote and cite where I have would be helpfull. Ummmm, anything “racist” should be noted also! Bud’s always!!!…. Jeff

      • HAHAHAHAHA! You idiot! The D & T audit was in 2012 and looked at records from 2005 to 2011. Idiot. Well within the period of the Auditor General’s 2011 report. Dunce.

        And, quote me where I said that the Auditor General’s report dealt with the onerous federal reporting requirements for family companies with 10 employees.. She was talking about First Nations reserves. Two different things last time I checked.

        Please stop posting. You’re an easily-corrected imbecile and an offensive, obnoxious troll.

      • “you’ve said that I “have been accusing Chief Spence of being a criminal”. No, I haven’t. I have said she was a fraud, ”

        No wonder Redjefff doesn’t have a problem with election FRAUD; he doesn’t recognize it as a crime.

      • Waiting for what? I don’t even know what you’re babbling about anymore. Are you talking about your conflation of family businesses with First Nations reserves??

  5. Comments rival, Goebbels propaganda machine, and his hate speech towards the Jewish people. I am totally disgusted and ashamed of this country. F.N. parents sent their sons to war, right along side my own brothers. They were damned good soldiers and excellent rifle shots. Canada didn’t even have the decency, to recognize the F.N. boys for their war service. Go read the comments on the National Posts web site. We can really be proud of our country.

    The A.G. can’t complete his books, Harper refuses to give him the information he needs, to do so. Harper and his Cons, are the worst abusers of our tax dollars, in the recorded history of this Nation. Harper has also put Canada in the worst debt, we have ever known.

    Chief Spence did offer her books. She said on her interview, she was happy with the meeting. She was shown where she went wrong doing her books. She just hadn’t done them properly. She said, she now knows how to do the books, with the right method. Do you think Chief Spence would have done this for her people, if she was stealing? Jeeezus, how stupid can people be? Only Harper does that.

    Lets see Harper open his books? The F-35 jets. $50 million for gazebos. $3 million for ONE ministers airfare. The $1 billion for a fake lake, really? $1 million for Harper to fly his armored vehicles around with him? The luxury hotel suites. Bev Oda wasn’t the only one, not by a long shot.The list is a football field long.

    Harper has been a litany of. lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics, dirty politics and many Canadians say, he cheated to win. Harper is certainly using every dirty tactic in the book, to stop the robo-call investigation and the riding disputes investigation. He is terrified he will lose his majority, he cheated so hard to get.

  6. Here’s another ugly arrival to the terrible commenters:
    “Irish Thug · Top Commenter
    Are you kidding? she was on no hunger strike! SHE IS A THIEF and tried to save her fat ass from getting caught stealing millions, too bad most natives are just too stupid to see it for what she is.”

    Redjefff has trouble spotting the racism how? Also, calling Spence a thief when there is no evidence that she is, is libel. Because she’s a Canadian public figure, and there are hundreds or thousands of people repeating the lie, it’s unlikely she’ll be able to sue anyone for their defamation of her.

    • You’re kidding right? That’s what passes for ‘racism’ in your book??????

      Then again you have a unique definition of “hunger strike” also. The ol’ Doll looks pretty, ummmmmm, girthy for starving to death for 6 weeks!!!!!

      • “The ol’ Doll looks pretty, ummmmmm, girthy for starving to death for 6 weeks!!!!!”

        Ladies and Germs, the racist comedy stylings of RedJefff! He’ll be here all night, he can’t help himself. Try the veal!

      • You worship at the altar of a racist fraud. And it doesn’t seem to bother you in any way. At the same time you imaginarily invent racism into your narrow leftist mind.

        “The ol’ Doll looks pretty, ummmmmm, girthy for starving to death for 6 weeks!!!!!”… in your dreamland reality, what ‘race’ is noted here?

        “typical colonized indian asshole” Tweet by Theresa Spence. Here?

    • Brilliant. Here we are on a post about ‘racism’, and the best you can produce is an anonymously written, anti-semitic, racist internet story. A story that was retracted in full at it’s originally published site. Even at the link it reads “Update 1/12/2013: CLN has received a takedown notice asking us to remove this article on the basis that “It is libelous and utterly false”” and later on “As this is an anonymous post, we have no way of verifying the information contained herein, and it is presented only for your consideration.”. A story right out of Mickey Spillane no less!!!!! “Part of being a real man in this world is having real values that you stand up for, no matter what the consequences… She gave me only a phone-number and an address, in one of the seedier parts of San Francisco”. (at least I see why the hack stayed anonymous!!!)

      Utterly brilliant.

      It does, however, allow the gullible and closed minded, justification for the outright dismissal of any ideas or opinions contrary to their own. The unintended consequence however, is that those so dismissive never learn to fix the glaring holes in their logic.

      • Must have struck really close to the bone for you to get so upset. Btw, can you read at an adult level? If so, did you miss the last 2 lines in my post?

      • Actually no Okie, it hasn’t “struck really close to the bone”. In fact it’s nothing short of a rehash of what’s been said before by Saskboy, Gzap, Thwap and a host of others over a great deal of time, on this very site. You, my friend, are just late to the party!!! ;) As I have said, it’s the most simplistic way of you to dismiss any opinion you disagree with. Regardless of it’s merit.

        I can remain in an echo chamber listening to confirmations of my own opinions, or, I can venture out to at least try to understand opinions other than my own. I can venture out into ‘hostile’ territory to test the logic of my thoughts. I can discuss topics rationally. I can cite primary reports. Then again, if you want to believe “Anonymous”, what can I say? What constitutes your level of proof?

        Lastly, I did read your last 2 lines. Let me get this straight… you, as a ‘proof’ regarding a totally unrelated post subject, used an anonymous retracted post slagging a religious minority, in this case Israel, to get your point across? You propagate a racist meme (on a racial post NO LESS) with a caveat to absolve you of the distribution of targeted racist material. Yet on this very post’s comments, without a single solitary word involving race I am a racist (as can be cofirmed/refuted VERY easily in the comments above).

        If, I had used… ummmmmm let’s say hypothetically ‘blacks’ or ‘gays’ had been used to illustrate the story, would that have been racist? Would a caveat have excused me?

        The hypocrisy is frankly astounding.

      • Redturd, you stupid, pompous ass. For a coward, you’ve got a lot of bluster. You forget; all your sniveling evasions are public record.

      • It is late isn’t it? Care to explain the Auditor General’s 2011 report and its relevance? (Without making off-topic references to family businesses?)

      • Start without me. Once you get to September 2012 let me know and we can discuss the independant third party audit that shows the problems. After all, it cost the taxpayers over $400,000. Be sure to read the comments from ordinary Canadians… EVERY comment about financial accountability. Racist SOB’s.

        On the bright side, there may be relief for some housing in Attawapiskat! Chief exSpenceive has volunteered to give up her 5 bedroom house for a smaller 3 bedroom model! (I can show you the affidavit if you want!! ;)

      • You surprise me redturd. You must be genuinely stupid and not a dissembling hack on this one.

        You appear to seriously believe that the criticisms about federal reporting requirements in the AG’s 2011 report are not operative for an audit done in 2012!

        Even though the audit deals with precisely the same paperwork the AG report dealt with!


        Somehow I suspect you’d be able to make the connections here if you weren’t full of racist contempt for the FN and/or a harpercon hack. it’s racism that is so sure that Chief Spence is a lying, embezzling, lysol-guzzling cheating fraud. It’s racism that demands the FN be taken over in the face of charges of economic mismanagement that could be credibly applied to the harper government. It’s racism that says the living conditions of the FN in Canada are entirely their own fault, just as US blacks are supposedly entirely responsible for their own unemployment and incarceration and poverty rates.

      • Curious Thwap, why do you have to lie and say things like “Chief Spence is a lying, embezzling, lysol-guzzling cheating fraud.” and then pretend that someone else said it?

      • That’s pathetic even for you. You’re definitely out of your league. And your entertainment value as you flail stupidly wore out a long time ago.

      • Simply amazing! I’ve never seen someone run so fast from their assertations before!!!! You are correct in one instance tho’…. you definitely are in a league of your own!!!!! Har har har!!!!!

        Does she really drink Lysol as you are claiming? I say that’s a lie and demand your proof.

        PS… still waiting to be shown a racist comment (outside of your own).

    • A great deal of nonsensical gibberish flows forth from you redjeff, and you may be able to fool yourself, but I doubt it works on many others.

      “I can remain in an echo chamber listening to confirmations of my own opinions,”

      You are a mobile echo chamber, you just move it from your own space to another space and carry on.

      For example, here you are trying desperately to defend yourself and your Con cabal for unabashed public racism and bigotry against Natives , only to go off like someone suffering from MPD at some imagined antisemitism.

      Typical of your lot I might add. You think you have the right to spew hate speech against Natives at will, but look for every opportunity to accuse others of antisemitism. Not only a tub thumper, but a hypocrite of the first order.

      Lastly this, “religious minority, in this case Israel”

      You do realize Israel is a country not a religious minority don’t you? As someone who apparently thinks themselves smart, you might want to reflect on that. I would go a step further and suggest when you are done your training at Reformers Jihadist College and get another decade or so of real world experiences under your belt, get back to me.

      Until then, I bid you adieu.

      • Spoken like a true racist anti-semite! Sadly, despite the lessons of history you are no further advanced from ignorance than those of 100 years ago.

        Around 1900 an anti-semitic hoax publication (published anonymously coincidently) purporting to show how the Jewish peoples were setting about world domination and the destruction of gentiles through control of the press and the worlds economies. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were subsequently used by Hitler and the nazi’s as a justification for the persecution of Jews.

        Yet here we are 100 years on and you portray the living embodyment of Lenin’s term “useful idiot”. The propagandists don’t even have to invent something new or original to fool you, you’ll swallow even the MOST obvious!!!!!

        You are aware that Israel defines herself as “A Jewish and Democratic State” and is the worlds ONLY country with a Jewish majority, don’t you? Are you telling me that you don’t make the connection between Israel and Jewishness? Then again, you seem to be the embodyment of ‘McCarthyesque’ racism.

        Still waiting for that example of my racism. One would be enough. Seeing as so much time is spent trying to show my mistakes this must be the easiest and most obvious way of doing it. Still waitin’ tho’.

    • The Craigslist ad, ha ha, is that the one being bandied about the internet leftistsphere? Ha ha!!!! I note that your link, coincedently of course, links to Okie’s!!!

      I find it unbelievable that you consider the accounting profession corrupt (“I know CA firms a bit from the inside, thank you (more than one!) When the government wants a report supporting something they plan to do anyway, they get it”) yet Craigslist gospel!!!!!

      PS…could you please provide a link to the audit that you said “debunked” the Deloitte one? Thank you again! ;)

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