Climate Change Is Here

Do you know those coal plants powering Saskatchewan? What if they became legislatively ‘stranded’. How would that hurt the pocketbook, eh? Would SaskPower’s claim that they are looking out for ratepayers by continuing to kill people with coal, look a little more stupid if the billions of ours that they invest, become useless in the context of a world hostile to nations that pollute our air?

What kind of radicals are suggesting this possibility? Greenpeace, surely? David Suzuki Foundation? Nope, it’s those greenies[?] at PricewaterhouseCoopers. PwC

“More radical and disruptive policy reactions in the medium term could lead to high-carbon assets being stranded.”

Legislators are failing to take the warnings seriously, most particularly in North America. Nations are being harmed to the tune of tens of billions of dollars a year, maybe a lot more.


4 responses to “Climate Change Is Here

  1. Ah the arrogance of man. We live on this earth and therefore believe that our surroundings should always reamain a constant. We live on a planet and have evolved to a point where we know where rivers and oceans once flowed, and, we know to some extent the climate change that has occured over the past 100,000 years, yet, we actually think that we can control weather patterns. I dont know too many people who think burning coal is a good thing because its not, and, most people understand that we need to find better and cleaner energy resources such as solar and wind and water, and, polluting our rivers and oceans can no longer be tolerated from such an evolved society, but, wasting time and energy and precious dollars on global warming and climate change is bizarre.
    Early man would sacrifice animals and burn their much needed crops at alters to stop heavy rains and flooding, but not anymore, nope, we pray at the alter of Al Gore and his ever growing bank account….some nights as he’s in his jet over the Atlantic Ocean sipping on 1200$ scotch he must just laugh his ass off.

    • What’s truly bizarre is people who can’t comprehend that it’s possible to terraform planets, but don’t recognize the same can be done on Earth (and has been worked on for centuries, unintentionally). You can usually spot them because they trail off into an Al Gore non-sequitur at the end of their arrogant ramblings.

  2. PricewaterhouseCoopers… now those are some fine climate scientists!!!!! Their ‘estimate’ of temperature increase is an ASTOUNDING 6 deg C!!!!!!! Even the clarion of alarmism, the IPCC, doesn’t ascribe to a 6 deg temperature increase by 2100!!!!!! These are your sages?

    As for “legislatively stranded” I’m asuming you mean implementing punitive laws? Would you be surprised if they had a punitive effect? Would it be rational to implement said laws based on hysterical fear? Would that benefit anyone? Do you care? If you are intent on slashing your own throat should you have the right to complain about the results?

    As you well know the global average temperature (akin to the global average phone number) has not risen in over 15 years. As we deniers were saying in 2009 (at that time it was 12 years) the temperatures had flatlined. But no, we were sooooo wrong. Now Hansen, BEST, The MET, they all now say we were right. And for the globull warming alarmist industry, for them, it’s worse than they could have ever thought. Never mind that Phil Jones admitted during the Oxford Inquiry that 15 years of temperature stagnation would invalidate the globull warming computer models to the statistically significant 95%ile. That we are producing over 100Gigatonnes MORE carbon dioxide in the last said 15 years as compared to the 15 prior to that, has no importance to you?

    Oh and one more thing, you’d never know it based on the populist press reports but the USA has had over 600 record low temperatures this month.

    Doesn’t fit alarmist narrative tho’.

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