#Ottawapiskat Mirrors Attawapiskat

Life is hard when political leaders are corrupt. Election cheats, pork politics, and pocket padding is not limited to some corrupt leaders on First Nations (Reserves). Corruption exists where ever citizen oversight has failed to keep the power, leaders of nations wield, in check.

Since #IdleNoMore made First Nations poverty, inequality, and (even) corruption an international hot topic, it’s understandable that some people focus on what they know of First Nation people. What Canada’s segregated culture, and corporate non-aboriginal media has told Canadians about First Nations, is generally nothing too positive. Some people I know feel victimized by under-parented First Nations kids in their neighbourhoods, more than by unattended white kids who also have little respect for property or their community/neighbours.

We have Huffington Post telling people that blockades are hurting our holy economy! How does a short-term blockade compare to leaving First Nations to languish in economic obscurity? Most Sask. political parties openly state that one key to the province’s economic success is to come from First Nations people participating more equally in economic benefits.

If you want an example of how First Nations are segregated in Sask., my landlords in Yorkton openly told me that they don’t rent to Natives, because they are concerned about “the parties”, and the people who visit and damage the building as a result. I asked what had become of the person in my apartment before me (obviously a white person), and they told me that she’d skipped out on the last month’s rent. Funny. Karma? So it isn’t just First Nations people that cause problems for landlords you mean???

Hardly, it’s a political debate, about racial issues among others.

Racism, and less-malicious ignorance among non-aboriginal Canadians are the reasons Idle No More needs to exist, and also why it’s met with much criticism as well as much support. Our country desperately needed to make unacceptable poverty and racism an international conversation, because idly pretending we can get by without talking, is an option no more.

People also need to start recognizing that some corporate media is making them forget why there are protests and hunger strikes (not “liquid diets” as they are spun to us as). Which government failed an audit? Not Attawapiskat. Ottawapiskat failed an audit or two, or three…

ADDED: More indy-media giving the MSM a hard time for their ham-fisted coverage of a possible turning point in Canadian history. Here is a great article on hashtags used.

6 responses to “#Ottawapiskat Mirrors Attawapiskat

  1. In 2013, why is crap like this still happening? Why do the anally-retentive and sanctimonious still shout down the very ones they trample on? Just how ‘advanced’ a civilization does humanity delude itself into believing it is?

  2. They shout down the ones they trample on so they can keep trampling. How else to prevent the better world from actually being built?

  3. I fully support Chief Spence. She is speaking for all of us. What people can’t even see? Our rights are being stomped on too.

    Do we have any say in this country, absolutely not? Our resources and resource jobs, are being given to China. Harper’s omnibus bill gives China the right to sue, any Canadians getting in China’s way. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs.

    Harper’s omnibull bill, gives himself the right to intrude on, waterways, fish and F.N. hunting grounds. Harper also has the right to pollute our, ranches, farms, lakes, rivers and our sea as well.

    Harper can intrude upon and, pollute every province he chooses to, for the benefit of China.

  4. I feel your frustration deeply. There’s so much nasty, personal, degrading commenting on #idlenomore that I know I must resist replying to, but it’s difficult not to want to knock a few heads together. I really can’t believe Canadians are so dull as to believe all the crap fed to us through corporate media. Our lack of action today means our kids & grandkids will suffer along with the devastation of biodiversity I took for granted growing up.

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