ConCalls: Another Poutine Style Recording in #RoboCon

Elections Canada may be allowing the Conservative Party to set the glacial pace of the criminal investigation across Canada into illegal election robocalls that misdirected and harassed electors. May be? Who are we kidding. It’s well past 600 days since the crime that calls into question the right of the Conservatives to represent our country, and Elections Canada investigators are moving so slowly that newspapers are announcing their next move before they bring suspects in for questioning.

The full audio of a clip previously available in a CBC story, is posted in the latest from the Citizen.

The message captured by O’Reilly’s voice mail purports to be a get-out-the-vote call from Liberal candidate Doug Ferguson and directs her to a voting location far from her home. The message is recorded in a female voice with what sounds like a slight American accent.

According to Dickson’s statement, Ferguson said his campaign did not make the call.

Some useful analysis of the call can be found on this blog.

Hawthorne Rd. was where Donna was misdirected to. She lives, according to 411, on Wayne Crt, London ON N6K 3Z6

The message, from a woman claiming to be with the Ferguson campaign, arrived mid-afternoon on election day, May 2, advising O’Reilly she could vote at a polling station at “the Emily Carr public school” on Hawthorne Rd. O’Reilly had already voted at her assigned station – not that school, which is about 10 km from her home – when she got the message. She forgot about it, she says, until this weekend.

“Honestly, I thought, wow, what if this call was one of the calls (they’re) looking for?” said O’Reilly, who added she never erased the message, as it’s her family’s habit to “hold onto things forever.”


You can see vandalized signs in S-GI in this CHEK report:

If you want more evidence of election fraud during the 2011 general election, I’ve got this post for you.


2 responses to “ConCalls: Another Poutine Style Recording in #RoboCon

  1. That is what these goddamned shameless anti-democratic harperscum pukes have to get through their stupid heads: To even TRY to steal votes is completely unacceptable.

    And I’m glad the Opposition called harper on his sleaze and his cowardice. It is the harperscum who have the evidence of wrongdoing. But they know that Elections Canada is a captured institution so they’re not afraid to taunt the nation to try to find the proof and give it to Elections Canada. Elections Canada should be interrogating people but they’re not.

  2. Canada has become, a dirty cesspool of corruption. There is nothing in this country, that isn’t corrupt. Especially since Harper’s so called election win. The first thing a Dictator such as Harper does, is control the media. Then they grab control of, everything they get their dirty hands on. Elections Canada is just using Harper’s stall method. Corbett of Elections Canada lost his job. In Corbett’s place, Harper installed his own boy Yves Corte. Anyone opposing Harper, loses their jobs. Harper does not accept any of the honest. So, anyone not going along with Harper’s corruption, are soon got rid of.

    Same with the riding disputes. We know Harper installed his own Conservative judges.

    This is just Harper lying and cheating his way out of, his robo-call election fraud. Harper is terrified he will lost the majority, he cheated so hard to get. We all know? When Harper is afraid of losing, he cheats.

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