On a Trek for Stars

I can’t simply make a fun Star Trek related blog post, I have to tie it into the Canadian political discourse also. So, here we go.

Ottawa Citizen reporter, Glen McGregor came up with a manifesto to guide modern journalism. He’s seen journalism fall prey to some ridiculous habits, like commenting on the tweets of celebrities as if they are newsworthy. It’s hard to deny that celebrity tweets are amusing, but they are rarely “newsworthy”. Journalists, in newspapers, should stick to roughly the guidelines in Glen’s #cdnpoli Dogme95.

A few days ago I posted a video of the International Space Station zooming over Regina. More recently, William Shatner who played James Tiberius Kirk on the sci-fi TV show Star Trek, tweeted to Commander Hadfield who is a Canadian working aboard ISS. Although it’s not really news, it does help promote the news that the Canadian commander is tweeting from aboard the space station, so it’s not so bad that CBC is using time to write about it, especially since it’s their entertainment/community team focused on it. It’s when they automatically make it a “Top Story” that I worry for the state of our country’s journalistic defenders.

Get ISS fly-over times at Heavens Above.


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