Oh Kay, That’s Low

“The doctors haven’t actually examined Ms. Spence. They seem more like political cheerleaders with medical-school degrees.”

But Barbara Kay has examined Chief Spence? She questions the seriousness of the Chief because her hunger strike includes no solid food for 25 days, but has some nutrients suspended in water? No, Kay has no medical degree, or first hand inspection of the Chief.

Then, it gets worse:
“Meanwhile, she may actually end up doing her body a favour.”

This is the kind of shitty, racist, unhealthy, Government-defending editorial section we get when Conservatives own newspapers. I didn’t think it likely there would be more than one Kay at the National Joke who deserves harsh criticism.

“I am not actually encouraging Chief Spence to go on a real starvation regime. I am only saying that at this rate, it is going to take her a very long time to get the job done — if that is indeed what she wants.”

What she wants, clearly is justice for her people, you jerk! Do you think anyone truly wants to starve themselves? Not even people with eating disorders want to starve to death, they just want to attain a goal through extremely dangerous eating habits.

I honestly can’t read any more of that filth from Kay. I think newspapers may stay in style, because I have a strong urge to throw one across a room, or paper the bottom of a bird cage now, and can’t do that with an iPad.

Hat tip to Mr. Glass

20 responses to “Oh Kay, That’s Low

  1. It’s the simple dissemination of anti-Aboriginal Conservative talking points. I made the mistake of listening to a couple of AM talk radio shows today and heard callers regurgitating National Post and Sun News words almost verbatim

    • Our sick, diet obsessed culture has equated a hunger strike with an attempt to lose weight instead of shaming a system into responding. Diets don’t have a political motivation.

  2. Ignorant racist fools who know nothing about what they’re talking about. Contemptible scum who are trying desperately to cling to their criminal takings.

    Break them.

    • Waiting optimistically for a retraction & apology .. but then some folks can’t quite see the barn when standing in the barnyard. Will wait and see if WFDS allows my shocked but prompt comment.

      Same for ‘Paul’, whomever you are.. seemingly also up shite creek without a paddle, no direction & obviously no sense of smell

      Overt, Dog whistle stuff …
      Racism or mommy issues, thinly disguised as witless commentary
      The only attentive audience will be Ezra Levant flapping his flippers .. and barking … Arr Arrh .. Arrh

    • Oh, that guy. He’s often a sore point on the prog blogs, and that post makes it obvious why.

      I’ve encountered two of my friends in just the past day who’ve latched onto the “clense” BS, not realizing/caring that they are thinking it because it’s filtered through to them recently via Sun Slander. One of my friends is almost daily subjected to property abuse by First Nations kids in his neighbourhood who don’t respect property, so he readily admits his view is coloured by his feelings which are not positive.

      He wants something done about unemployment rates and corruption at First Nations Reserves, but to be fair he’s also in favour of something being done in other communities also.

      Idle No More is First Nations people doing something about their situation. Not everyone agrees a protest is the best thing, or think it may build a negative view of First Nations, but really what is an alternative when working in the system is the problem, and sitting at home when politics are being decided, has been the status quo of nothing being done?

  3. Come on….Spence was on less of a hunger strike and more of a diet….that’s all the column was saying. I would not have worried about her health until she got down to one chin.

    • You come on, Paul. How many chins do you have? Do you think it matters to me? It doesn’t.
      If you tried surviving for 26 days on water and flavoured water, you don’t think that would be very uncomfortable and dangerous no matter how many chins you sport?

      Thanks for demonstrating the Sun Slander News perspective for people though, it’s quite disgusting.

  4. Canada has become, a cesspool of corruption. There is no such thing, as good honest journalism and reporting. The media are propaganda machines for the government. Some of the media of today, are disgraces to their professions.

    Canada is Harper’s garden of evil. When your P.M. can hand your country to Communist China. When Harper give that country the resources and resource jobs. Harper’s omnibull bill, gives Communist China the right to sue, any Canadians getting in China’s way. China sued in BC, to take the BC mining jobs.

    Harper is the master of, dirty tactics, dirty politics and cheating. Harper is a dictator. Harper does not believe in democracy. Harper’s omnibull bill, gives himself the right, to contaminate, every waterway, fish and lands, in every province. Trust Harper? Not on your Nelly.

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  6. “The doctors haven’t actually examined Ms. Spence. They seem more like political cheerleaders with medical-school degrees.”….. “Meanwhile, she may actually end up doing her body a favour.”…. (B.Kay). What exactly in the preceding statements do you find “racist”? ie. your quote “This is the kind of shitty, racist, unhealthy, Government-defending editorial”.

    Oh and by the way “some nutrients suspended in water” would be a very simplistic yet chemically accurate description of FOOD. Amazingly in continuously degenerating rhetoric even these “nutrients” have now become “flavoured water” in your opinion.

    Funny thing about maths and sciences, they don’t care about your ‘opinion’ It’s what distinguishes them from the liberal arts. Something the ‘math is hard’ crowd is just going to have to accept.

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