Do You Wonder Why Roadblocks Required?

When Canadians are so far off track, even when they are literally on tracks waiting for a train blockade to clear, we need #IdleNoMore to shake people out of their stupor. Things are not well in Canada. Our electoral system isn’t just out of date and producing unrepresentative results, it’s also been screwed with by government-supporting criminals in hundreds of ridings. Omnibus bills, the sort not seen for a hundred years, or outside of wartime, are passing undemocratic legislation without debate or amendments. First Nations are dictated to further by the federal government, removing essential environmental legislation that protects access to water, among other abuses.

If Canadians don’t put pressure on governing politicians to listen before the next election campaign, then I’ll hate to see what growing blockades will provoke this nasty Conservative government into doing to peaceful protestors.


5 responses to “Do You Wonder Why Roadblocks Required?

  1. CSIS warned a very long time ago regarding, Communist China’s huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned. Gordon Campbell who still works for Harper, sold BC out to China during his reign of terror. We said. China was sending their people to school, to learn 100 English words, so they could take BC’s mining jobs. No-one listened to the people of BC. How many times did we warn? Watch out for Harper, he is a snake in the grass? This was damned years ago. Harper rewarded Gordon Campbell, the post as High Commissioner to England, for doing his dirty work for him.

    Harper gave Red China permission to sue any Canadians blocking China’s way into Canada. Chine sued in BC, to take the BC mining jobs. There are already Chinese in BC working the mines. There are seven new mines, going into Northern BC. There are also mine expansions. China refuses to pay Canadian wages. China’s minimum wage is, $236 per month. Harper has approved all company’s, to hire cheap Chinese labor. Once Harper gives the rest of the tar sands to China. Who will get the jobs? Canadians or cheap Chinese labor? I don’t know how much that wage will be? The Chinese will live in camps and, send their money home. You have to speak Chinese Mandarin to get a mining job, in the English speaking province of BC. No doubt the same will apply, at the tar sands too.

    Harper is using every dirty tactic in the book, to knock down Canada’s minimum wages. Once Harper gets rid of the Unions, down goes Canadians wages. Only the very wealthy and the very poor, will be permitted in Canada. The middle class has to be got rid of. That’s the way it is in Communist China.

    There is no doubt to scores of Canadians, Harper cheated to win the election. You can pressure Dictator Harper the Hun all you like. Once a monster such as Harper gets into office, just you try and get rid of him. Harper has the same typo personality, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini had.

    People have slept right through Harper’s utter crap, for absolute years.

    • This doesn’t pass the smell test. Harper was, at least at one point in the past decade, *very* unpopular in China. He was ruining our reputation there, and grated very deep on the establishment there. I’m pretty anti-Harper — but we’ve got to remember our history here, lest we fall further into the 1984 abyss. You can blame the chinese communists but it’s *Canadians* who are primarily creating this country, and all its inequalities and tragedies in BC and elsewhere.

      Now it’s possible that changes in government there have brought into power a faction that is common to the faction in control here, I haven’t been following but I have yet to see anyone suggest this with anything backing it.

  2. 2013 is the year many more people will realize we have government by Presidential decree, not Parliamentary democracy. We have to push this point hard until it sinks in.

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