ConCalls: I’ll Be Gone For Christmas

I’ll be around, but justice will be working on its homework, and set to deliver their assignment about 600 days late. Marks may be deducted for lack of punctuality. The criminally guilty get a second Christmas on the wrong side of jail cell bars.

Some polls besides Ekos clearly show that fraud calls happened across the country. As EC released warnings about the calls, reports for the calls may have dropped, as potential complainants would possibly be aware that EC was working on the investigation. Their trust may have been misplaced, as the story surged into the spotlight nine months later as being unsolved and unpunished. It remains unpunished today, despite being partially solved.

Harper said most complaints only surfaced after the election, suggesting they come from sore losers.

“As I have become aware, apparently Elections Canada received virtually none of these complaints during the campaign outside of Guelph, but now it is receiving all of these complaints nine months after the election,” he said during daily question period.

However, some complaints were filed before the May 2 vote.

David Bertschi, the Liberal candidate in Ottawa-Orleans, filed a complaint with Elections Canada in the midst of the election campaign, on April 19, 2011. Bertschi said the complaint detailed live, harassing calls received by about 35 voters in the riding.

“We complained before the election so the sore loser moniker doesn’t apply,” he said in an interview.

The callers purported to be calling on behalf of Bertschi’s campaign but then aggressively questioned those who indicated they were inclined to vote Liberal. They would call back repeatedly on the same day, with each call becoming progressively more aggressive, Bertschi said.

He supplied Elections Canada with the names of those who’d received the calls. He said the agency got back to him asking for more evidence, including tape recordings of the calls, which he could not provide.

Later in the campaign, Bertschi said some Orleans voters also complained of receiving robocalls falsely advising them that the location of their polling stations had changed. He did not file a separate complaint with Elections Canada on those calls.

Four percent (4%) of Canadians – which amounts to roughly one million adult Canadians most of whom are in Ontario, ‘strongly agree’ that in the last federal election they received a call that deliberately tried to confuse them about the polling station at which they were to vote.

Democracy was attacked by Conservative-backing mystery people with access to robodialers and call centres. If prosecutors and judges don’t take this kind of crime seriously, then Canada is no longer a free country with fair elections.


2 responses to “ConCalls: I’ll Be Gone For Christmas

  1. No-one I know has any doubt, Harper cheated to win the election, what-so-ever. It’s in our faces obvious, Harper is out and out blatantly corrupt. That’s very hard to miss.

    Harper was on the telly, saying he is a devout Christian. He says he “preys” everyday. He “preys” while he is selling Canada to Communist China. Harper “prey’s” while he is giving Red China all of Canada’s resources and resource jobs. He “prey’s” as he gives China the right to sue any Canadians, who block China’s takeover of Canada. He “prey’s” while, BC’s corrupt judicial system awards Red China, all of BC’s mines and mining jobs.

    Harper prayed for the little children who, were murdered in their school. However, Harper does not pray for, the vast number of F.N. kids who commit suicide. Those kids see no better future for themselves. Harper is a wonderful devout Christian, who refuses to speak to Chief Spence. Harper’s Christian duty is, to watch her starve. So you see. Harper’s Human rights for Canadians, are exactly like Communist China’s.

    Harper’s government is exactly like Communist China’s. There is no Democracy in Canada. Our Civil Rights and Liberties have been taken from us. Our Freedom of Speech, will be taken from us. Our Human Rights are vanishing.

    Harper will soon have Canada, as an occupied country.

  2. What the idiot harperscum trolls have to realize is that mature, democratic Canadians are not going to tolerate such buffoonery. We will not stand idly by and watch as our elections get transformed into sad farces.

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