#IdleNoMore: Regina Round Dance on Albert St. Bridge

Another exciting day of protest in Regina, and across the country, as Canadians rise up against the Harper regime and their undemocratic ominbus bills. This was at least the second march down Regina’s main street, Albert St. in the past weeks, and the second appearance of a crowd of hundreds in front of the Legislature too.

#IdleNoMore Regina

#IdleNoMore Regina

I estimated more than 300 people were packed onto one lane of Albert St. for the entire Green Mile (and then some). A few minutes were taken on the Albert St. Bridge (longest bridge over shortest span of water, in the world) to do a round dance.

Last night, Saskatoon’s downtown mall saw thousands of people show up in protest of the Harper ominbus bill C-45, and the removal of fresh and navigable waters protection (among other abuses).

Today, Warren McCall reminded people that it’s not just First Nations this undemocratic bill harms. Chief Spence in Ottawa, starving for justice, is leading the way. Harper has time for Bieber, but not for Chief Spence or other Chiefs?

#IdleNoMore Regina

#IdleNoMore Regina

-Goodale makes an announcement that draws a roar from the crowd.

ADDED – CTV’s report.

Last Updated Friday, Dec. 21, 2012 7:45PM CST

In First Nations culture, a round dance is common – it symbolizes peace and friendship. But Friday afternoon what wasn’t common was where an Idle No More round dance was held .

Hundreds of supporters stopped traffic on Regina’s busy Albert Street bridge. The rally was peaceful. It coincided with dozens of other such events across the nation. First nations elder Mike Pinay told CTV News “ we have to sit down and work together and save this land, this country and these waters”.

Idle No More supporters oppose federal bill c-45 which impacts many aspects of Canadian life – from the treaties of First Nations people to protection of lakes and rivers.

Regina Liberal MP Ralph Goodale argues the bill was “not advanced in a way that was proper and consistent with the democratic process of Canada.”

Organizers vow Friday’s event will not be the last.


5 responses to “#IdleNoMore: Regina Round Dance on Albert St. Bridge

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  2. Um, John, I seriously challenge your estimate of numbers. We joined the walk at the RSM, just past College Ave, and before I stepped into the flow, I counted about 800. And that was in front of the truck carrying the drummers. There were at least another 100 behind and several more waiting in their vehicles at the Legislative Building.

    • That’s fine, mine was an estimate from the back of the crowd where I counted 50, and it was less dense. I then multiplied up the street. 300-800 is entirely possible, more likely closer to your figure.

  3. Can we imagine if Mayor Fougere or Mayor Nenshi went on a hunger strike in Ottawa? Would the Prime Minister and Governor General arrange for an hour or two to meet with them? I think they would.

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