Shooting at a Place of Education

The mass shooting in Connecticut was tragic, and it’s amplified by instantaneous news making irresponsible reports, misidentifying accused suspects, and encouraging copy-cats by propelling the shooter to world-wide notoriety instead of leaving them in obscurity where they came from.

It doesn’t take a malicious act such as this to harm so many children, even carelessness and un-regulated utilities can cause much more death.

So while we feel personally affected by a tragedy on the other side of the continent, to people we don’t personally know, it is important to keep some perspective and remember there are tragedies at home and in our country we can work on if we need an outlet for our grief in order to sooth our souls.

We may not be able to convince the Americans that they have too many guns, but we can directly influence our Prime Minister to meet with a community leader so that children have safe homes and schools there.

One response to “Shooting at a Place of Education

  1. Does not Canada support a country, where human lives are of very little value? Child laborers who only earn pennies a day? Where students are mowed down by machine gun fire, when they dared protest their governments cruelty? Canada whose leader canceled, the National Child Care Program? A leader giving our Canadian jobs away to a foreign country, from our family’s with children to raise?

    Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell, still works for Harper to this day. He is Harper’s favorite henchman. Campbell took the greatest of pride in, having the lowest minimum wage in all of Canada for over nine years. $8.00 per hour. He is exactly like Harper, he said our poorest of people, could go to hell. Campbell gave himself a $60.000 per year salary hike. Campbell had the highest number of children, living in poverty. Campbell had the highest number of children, going to school hungry. Campbell and Harper plotted the HST onto the people of BC. So single mothers earning $8.00 per hour?? Had to pay 7% on their heat, hydro, cable, telephone and on, pretty much everything else. There are hundreds of ways to hurt children. Harper and Campbell take the prize for that.

    I can’t even imagine the grief the parents are suffering, for their murdered children? The adults who gave their lives to save their students. They were likely parents too. They deserved the highest honor, for their sacrifice. How do you even find the words of comfort, for the bereaved? I can’t find any words that are good enough.

    As for Harper and Campbell, they are so s#!t hot, on their care for our children, now are they? I bet Harper even offered condolences?

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