ConCalls: Proxy Investigation #RoboCon

No new information in this post, just something I found ironic and amusing.

On Feb 21, 2011[sic; 2012] I queried and accessed “” from my home computer. I did this from my home computer as my Elections Canada computer firewall blocked access under “Category: Proxy Avoidance”.

I just noticed the obvious date error, after chuckling at the content filter (not “firewall”) problem posed to the investigator.

The EC investigator used his home computer because his work computer wouldn’t let him investigate the proxy service he uncovered both Prescott and Poutine used. It’s still unexplained why Prescott’s account would have used a proxy service to access RackNine for legitimate robocalls which as you can see he was paid to do by the Burke Conservative campaign. It appears to be damning evidence that has not been acted on by prosecutors.

The EC investigator concluded for the courts:

that IP address was used by Andrew Prescott as client #45 in communications with RackNine on behalf of the Marty Burke [Guelph Conservative] campaign, but was also involved in a session which originated from IP address, “”;

…the Burke campaign return noted above at paragraph 111. I found a single entry for an expense of $1,100 for Andrew Prescott under the column for “salaries and wages”.

Hat tip to Alison
More on RoboCon, in court right now.

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